Monday, May 26, 2014

Mom, you're obsessed with Disney.

This is what Emily said to me tonight.  Am I obsessed with Disney?  No.  Am I obsessed with planning a super awesome vacation?  Yes.  I've been spending every spare moment wrestling with my embroidery machine (I think I've finally figured it all out now) and sewing outfits not only for my lovelies but also for Em's BFF who will be visiting Disney for the first time this summer.  In reality, I haven't even been able to sew very much.  Let's just say that there's been more planning than sewing going on.  And my "spare time" is really time that I should be cleaning so that's not really working out too well.

I know that I can't do it all.  But yet, I still try.  And it's still May and I'm still stressed out with work and school concerts and field trips and why can't their classes do things on the same day?

At least we've finally had some warmer weather roll through here, which means more outdoor time, which is good.  Except for the mosquitoes, of course.  Emily and I had some one on one alone time today when we headed out for a bike ride/run.  I was definitely running faster than normal to keep up with her.  This is working out to be a good training plan.  

It must be the warmer weather that causes me to push house stuff up on the to-do list because that seems to happen each year at this time.  Specifically, the girls' rooms.  We are planning to replace the carpet upstairs with wood floors and then I want to repaint their rooms and finally get them set up.  I feel like I've been talking/thinking about their rooms for years now.  A few years ago, I did set up their rooms but I knew, at that point, that it was temporary solution.  Anna has definitely outgrown the wall decals in her room and we would like to get them real beds instead of the headboards/footboards from their cribs that are constantly hanging haphazardly from the mattress frames.

In the spirit of purchasing items on sale, I ordered this quilt and matching shams for Allie's room.  She has a fuzzy blanket that she loves but the top quilt she's been using is for a twin size bed.  Emily still wants a ballet inspired room and Anna picked out this bed.  She told me she wants all of it, including the bedside table and the lamp.  Ooookay.  (She cracks me up.)

That's all.  I can't believe the long weekend is over.  Boo.    


Leslie said...

I like Anna's taste. A friend of my daughter's has a ballet room, and her bed skirt is made out of tulle, like a tutu. I know you could do that!

Ali said...

Are you in the Disney Addicts group on FB? I am - and let me tell you, you would fit in perfectly :) We won't be taking a trip to WDW anytime soon (unfortunately) but that doesn't keep me from staying up on all the latest WDW news & planning fake trips in my head all the time - making mental notes of where we'll eat, etc! :)