Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dream big

During the past six months or so, I have often found myself trying to recall what life was like when I was in the first grade.  What did I learn?  Certainly, my curriculum was much more basic.  I remember where my classroom was located in the school building that now houses the town's police department.  My teacher was old and scary.  I recall forgetting my lunch money (oh, the horror) and having to sit around a circular table waiting not so patiently for other students to learn to read.  I can't remember much else.

This year in the first grade, the girls have learned who the president is and what the president does.  (No comments from my Republican friends, please.)  Emily brought home a writing project that had to be returned but I'm hopeful I'll see it again as the school year wraps up because it's a keeper.  It was about being the president and gave the beginning of a sentence and she had to finish the sentence and then draw a corresponding picture.  For example, "the first thing I would do as president is ____________."  Emily wrote "sit in the big chair."

Rich usually reads to the girls for a few minutes each night after I do.  For awhile, he was reading to them snippets from a book about the "human" side of the presidents.  One of the girls asked, "If there's a girl president, is her husband called the first man?"  So now they've all declared that they want to be the first female president.  I like that they dream big.      

One day last month after another presidential conversation, I engaged the girls in a pretend presidential photo shoot.  They all wanted photos of themselves writing something because apparently, the president writes a lot.  







And what did they write?
Anna - Boxing Bees  (Don't ask.  I don't know why.)
Allie - Be Frreeee!
Emily - No War


Allie has asked to visit DC and we've been promising the girls a trip down there.  We do have family in that area, which makes for a nice vacation.  Maybe spring 2015?


Cynthia said...

I love all the photos, but I especially love the one of Anna while she's writing. :)

Jennifer said...

When did they grow up?!?!?

They've gotten so big!!!

Katie said...

If you guys go to DC you should definitely read Double Fudge by Judy Blume with the girls! (it's about a hilarious DC trip).

Wendy said...

Em is even dressed for her presidential shoot! Love those shiny black shoes <3

Anonymous said...

My son is the exact age of your girls. He became fascinated with the presidents this year in first grade. He loved our trip to Mount Rushmore last summer (drivable from here) and I really want to take him to D.C. I think we will wait until he is 9 or 10 so he will really get it. I am a teacher though and I will really ore teach things. I found it really helped when we were in South Dakota because he was familiar with the presidents and the Old West.

Caroline Porter said...

They're starting to look so distinct from each other! I can always tell who's who now. They're all beautiful. And clever!

Teej said...

I have written to President Obama to address the Boxing Bees situation so many times...and nothing yet! Glad to know we have a leader in the pipeline who will take my concerns seriously! Anna for President, 2044!

Sarah said...

Wendy - she wore those shoes b/c they looked like something a president would wear. haha

Katie - thanks for the book tip. I'll have to get that for them before we go.

Becky - Would like to do Mt Rushmore when the girls are older. That's a much farther trip for us. I think there's so much to see and learn here in our country. I would like for us to travel more when they are older.

Teej - LOL

It's crazy how quickly they grow up!

Anonymous said...

If you write to the President, he will write back on official White House stationary, which has the Presidential Seal.(google for the guide lines.) Great for show & tell if they still do that in school. DC is fun, lots of free stuff to do. The Smithsonian Institution includes 19 museums and galleries and the National Zoological Park, all at no charge. We went when my daughter was 8 during spring vacation. A lot of photo opportunities. There is something for everyone to do. Mary