Friday, April 11, 2014

What's In - A First Grade Gift Guide

Well, according to my three first graders, anyway.  Here are some of the presents they asked for and/or received for their birthday.

Barbies - Let me start by stating that I am not anti-Barbie.  I'm actually not pro-Barbie either.  In my opinion, it's just a freaking doll that my kids like to play with, most likely because of the size.  They like to create families with dads (whether that be Ken, Prince Charming, or the Beast), moms (Barbie), and kids (Stacy and Chelsea.)  I played with Barbie dolls when I was little and I turned out just fine.


A bit of a side track here.  The girls came across the styrofoam packing from my sewing machine in the recycling bin in the garage.  Someone brought it inside and turned it into a Barbie house.


Books - Emily was actually disappointed that her friends didn't gift her with books.  In addition to reading on their own, I still read to the girls for 15-20 minutes each night.  We read chapter books now and they've really enjoyed books from the Ramona series.

Beanie Boos - Don't know why, but my kids love these things.


Arts and Crafts - We always welcome new markers, glitter glue and other craft supplies.  This weaving loom was quite the hit.



School Kit - Apparently, Emily's BFF has one and the girls have been asking for one of their own since they came across it at her house.  They love playing school with their dolls and stuffed animals.  A local store that sells them told Grammy that they can't keep them on the shelf so Grammy ended up making her own.  Think of things like grade book, hall passes, etc.

Movies - Frozen and Pirate Fairy (need I say more?)


Valerie Cox said...

Love the Barbie house idea! I remember turning my bookcase into an apartment building for my Barbies and dolls! Nothing quite like a child's imagination...

TanyaMom23 said...

Thought you might like this article!

Happy upcoming Birthday to Anna, Emily and Allie!!!!!!!