Sunday, March 2, 2014

American Girl Doll Tote/Carry-all

Months and months ago, I pinned a cute bag made to carry around two dolls.  I had intended to sew three of them (one for each of the girls) but I've found that I can't sew three of the same project in a row or I begin to feel like a factory and sewing should be fun.  So I have one done, for Allie.  Anna has already informed me that any bag that I make for her needs to have zebras or zebra stripes on it.  Okay, got the memo!




I quilted it.  I have this thing with quilting now.


I thought I was being clever by sewing in these elastic seat belts but I cut them a bit too big.  Grammy has suggested just sewing them shorter in the front but I haven't gotten around to that yet.


So while this project isn't necessarily difficult, it took me a full weekend to complete.  (I didn't use a pattern either, just winged it.)  As you can probably imagine, I fit sewing in whenever I can, except when I neared the end of this project.  I told Rich that I needed to be alone and hid in the basement to finish it.  I just needed to be done with it at that point.



"Thank you, Mommy.  I love it!"
"Can I use it to carry around my stuffed animals?"
"Can I bring it to the library?"

(Library tote bags are on my never-ending sewing list.  So many projects, so little time.)


LEfting said...

I have such great admiration for you and your projects! This bag is just beautiful, and so well done! How you find the time to sew anything is amazing - I salute you!

Sarah said...


Stephanie Barber said...

I really really wish there was a pattern for this! I am not experienced enough yet to wing it. But this is amazing!