Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It could have been worse.

It could always be worse.

I was home on Wednesday, last week, to attend Anna's IEP meeting that had been rescheduled from the week before due to a snow storm.  That morning Grammy informed us that she had heard a weird noise overnight and when she woke up, found a wet ceiling tile in the basement.  Rich and I rushed down there to investigate.  We discovered water dripping down from a pipe onto the ceiling tile.  I looked around and a few feet away, there was water dripping from many different places in the ceiling.  Unfortunately, those places were covered in sheetrock, not ceiling tiles.

Our basement is partially finished and houses several different spaces, including a home office, a gym and my sewing shop.  It was a best case scenario that the leaking occurred over toy storage and not an area containing expensive or irreplaceable items.  Or fabric.  Please save the fabric!  I spent a good portion of the day cleaning up, moving things out of the way and monitoring the situation until the plumber arrived, which didn't happen until the early afternoon and in another best case scenario, he determined that it was just a leaky pipe in the girls' bathroom.  The water was running down the pipe and into the basement.  I think it took him all of 10 minutes to fix it.  The air is super dry right now and the leaks in the basement were close to the heater so it all dried up pretty quickly.  I still have more cleaning to do down there because of it.  Blah.

Anna's IEP meeting went really well, by the way.  The girls just underwent mid-year literacy testing at school.  There was one portion that involved reading a page that looks like an excerpt from a chapter book.  It's a test that focuses on how many correct words are read within a given time, which I think was a minute.  The national standard is 20 words.  The standard for our school system is 57.  I know, the difference is crazy and Anna scored above that!

(I apologize for the radio silence over the past many days.  I haven't been in the best of places.  This is always the worst time of the year, the middle of winter with no end in sight.  Storms roll through on a weekly basis and the walk to work grows longer with each passing day.  I haven't been feeling well, again, and sleep is high on the priority list.  Blah.)


Lauren M said...

Glad to here that your pipe situation wasn't too bad and that Anna's meeting went well! My little sister is on an IEP plan as well and I know, at least for my family, it can be pretty stressful at times! And it looks like you have some very smart little girls on your hand! Congrats to them for doing so well in school!!
Lots of love,

Sarah said...

Thanks, Lauren!

Julia said...

Happy to hear the good and the not-so-bad news. Hope winter is over soon and you feel better even sooner!