Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Rich asked me if I wanted a Kindle for Christmas, to which I responded, "Um... I don't think I can make the move just yet."  The thought of reading a book on an electronic device does not sound appealing to me.  I suppose I should try it out but I tend to be a bit close-minded when it comes to things like this.  Plus, it seems like it wouldn't be very easy on the eyes. And it would it be something else to babysit.  If I put my book down on my beach chair (because you know I spend so much time reading at the beach) and walk away, I don't have to worry about it.  Can't do that with a Kindle or an iPad.

I'm sticking with paper for now.

I know I've mentioned before how I absolutely love to read but haven't been doing it nearly as much now that I have kids.  Over the past few months, I've pushed social media to a back seat during my train rides and have been using that free, although not always comfortable, especially when some guy nearly takes your arm off squeezing into the seat next to you, time to read.  And yes, a book reader would most definitely be lighter than lugging around a hardcover book.  But I just can't do it yet.

I'm absolutely thrilled with the girls' love of books and reading.  It's definitely been a rewarding part of parenting.


(Sometimes my kids like to set up camp on the couch.)

My book collection has been crammed onto dusty bookcases in the basement.  Rich once mentioned getting rid of them, which almost caused me to have a heart attack.  I've always dreamed of having a room that doubles as a library or a cottage at the beach with a wall full of books waiting to be enjoyed by guests.  Dreams are dreams for a reason, I suppose.   


Katie said...

It's awesome that the girls love to read!

If you're interested at all, someone got me a kindle two Christmases ago and there are definitely pros and cons. I like how light it is and that I can read while lying on my side easily (i.e. the other "half" of the book doesn't get in the way). It's surprisingly easy on the eyes because the screen isn't backlit. It's nice if you're on a trip or on a plane because its small.

However, I still prefer paper because I just feel disconnected from the story when I don't have a physical book with pages. I'm also in the same situation in terms of wanting to build up a library. I like returning to old books that look well loved- its like I have a relationship with them. I've basically returned to buying paper books.

Steph @ Three Loud Kids! said...

I was exactly like you, though I did finally warm up to reading on my iPad mini, and I have to admit it was weird at first but now I love that I can read from anywhere and not have to remember a book. Not to mention I can get new books without even having to leave the couch.

Jessica G said...

I completely understand your push-back on the Kindle, I was the same way. I do find myself still purchasing regular books, but also enjoy being able to borrow library books on the Kindle and not having to worry about losing or returning them on time. I love that your girls are readers - I always have been, and can't see my life without books. My husband almost killed me when we moved into our house and had to move all of them, but I maintain that it is absolutely worth it!

Anonymous said...

As a fellow bookworm, I can empathize. I was never a fan of reading on the iPad, because of the backlit screen, and I balked at e-readers for years. When my husband finally got an original Kindle, I was shocked because it pretty much looks just like paper - it's not backlit, the screen physically doesn't feel like a "screen," you can change the color of the screen to sepia so it doesn't feel as stark... There's a newer model of Kindle with a backlight and touch screen, which is still better than reading on an iPad (and I like Apple) but I prefer the original (which you can still get I think) with buttons and no light. My husband eventually got the newer Kindle and I snared the old one. I still read most of my books in paperback form, but the Kindle is slowly making its way into my reading life.

Beau said...

I can understand your point, but I have books actual books, and books on my iPad. If I had to choose, I'd probably take the iPad away with me on a holiday, because it's just one thing, whereas cause I'm a speedy reader I'd have to take 2 or 3 books and read them. Definitely an actual book would be preferable for a beach.. If I was commuting or going on a trip for work I'd probably choose my iPad. Everything would depend on the situation, and my iPad is very handy for many things.. I wouldn't rule out getting a kindle, because books are preferable definitely, but sometimes a tablet is just more convenient.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the comments. It gives me something to think about.