Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bits of cuteness

Picnic snack with LL (aka Little Lion) and Ginger


Doll hair salon


Caroline, Inkpot and LL were attending a wedding.  LL's "bow tie" was a one of those soft, fuzzy hair elastics that had a bow on it.  A+ for creativity.


On the way to dance class


And I absolutely loved opening Anna's school folder the other day and finding this on top.  It filled my bucket.


(Have you filled a bucket today?  There is a lot of focus on this at the girls' school.  Many days I consider handing this book out to some adults who are in obvious need of a refresher course on general kindness.)


BreezieGirl said...

So cute! I am LOVING the cowboy boots to dance class :)

The bucket books are fantastic. I agree a lot of adults could stand to read them.

Kathleen said...

The sweetness in this blog post kills.

It's so fun to see that Emily still LOVES LL after all those years. Do you still remember where he came from?

Sarah said...

When the girls were babies, a friend gave us a bar that goes across a stroller or car seat - it had Lion and a small zebra attached to it - for the babies to play with. I don't remember why, but I cut the animals off and LL became hers.