Sunday, September 1, 2013

Let's talk first grade

So this is it.  In a few short days, my tiny, little babies will officially be first graders.  I have to admit that I'm a bit nervous.  Maybe it's because of my helicopter ways.  Maybe it's because the world can be a scary, mean place.  I'm nervous about Anna getting around.  Kindergarten was very organized and I don't want to say that the school isn't organized for the older kids. It's just that it isn't as rigid. I guess that's a good way to describe it.  We don't know exactly how it's all going to work, like Anna walking to her classroom from the entrance.  (Under her IEP, there is supposed to be an adult walking with her.)

We were able to visit the school last week and see the girls' classrooms.  It was more of an open house versus an orientation.  I suppose I should have asked questions but I didn't realize procedures would be different until afterwards.  Well, we'll figure it out eventually.  Being a Type A is hard sometimes.  I like to know all the little details ahead of time.  It decreases my anxiety.

The girls are excited but slightly apprehensive.  They didn't say anything to their teachers during our visit.  Emily's BFF is in her classroom with her.  (That's a good thing.)  Allie's twin boyfriends, who were in her class last year, are in her class this year, along with a few girls she knows from around school.  I believe that Allie's BFF from preschool is in Anna's class.  What was obvious during our visit was how tiny my kids are.  There were other kids were who at least 6 inches taller.

I think we're all eager for a new routine right now.  If you have kids, no explanation is needed here.  Next week, their weekly gymnastic class begins, along with dance.  They will be in a tap/jazz combo this year.  I was tempted to sign them up for ballet but that meets right after the tap/jazz class.  Two hours of dance may be too much right now.  At least the ballet class is for 1st through 4th grade so if someone decides they want to go with ballet next year, they really won't be behind the other kids.  They are really excited to try out jazz.  They will also have church school on Saturday mornings.  So yeah, that's enough.  We don't want to overload our schedules.


I lol at Anna every time I look at that picture.


Henson Clan of the North said...

How will Anna's cathing be handled at school?

Sarah said...

The school nurse. Anna and I are both very comfortable with her.

Esther said...

Best of luck! I can imagine that it is somewhat scary at first. I am a Type A, too, I completely understand wanting to know everything ahead of time. I am just the same way........My boys turned 5 a week ago and this is their second year in a Young 5s program (they were extremely young last year). Finally this year they are the age that the class is intended for and they seem to be Ok in size. Although, always the smallest (42 inches, 33lb). I already worry about kindergarten next year. If we stay at this school, the ratio is 1:12 (excellent, but premium cost) or the public schools would be 1:25 with some kids that are so big in every way... I already of luck to the girls! And you!!!

Annalise Kendrick said...

I used to be the smallest in my class too. In 4th grade in math we were making a graph of everyone's height and I was the outlier being over a foot shorter than the tallest girl and several inches below the shortest. At first I hated it but I did like that it was something unique about me. And when I joined gymnastics and cheerleading it turned out to be an asset (Allie may end up liking that). I fell down a LOT so I've always joked that at least I didn't have as far to fall. Finally thinking of Emily especially, I was extremely shy and because I was so little, people just thought it was cute and at school I got to play the baby which meant I could ply with other kids without having to talk a lot until I was ready. I think that the traits you have end up working out for you eventually.

Amy said...

I hope the girls have a great first week at school! When Lilly started K we had her on a van, had someone walking her from the front door to her class, escorted to nurse, etc. Last year (in first grade) she decided she could do it all herself - she's now taking the bus and gets herself around school all on her own. Granted, the nurse expects her (and it's not a giant school building!) but it's amazing how far she has come. :) Have a great week yourself!

Sarah said...


Esther - At least the teacher to kid ratio is pretty good at our schools. There's about 20-22 kids in a room and each room has at least 1 full time aide.

Annalise - I was always the smallest too. I didn't realize the advantages of looking younger until I was older. Haha. And I was always at the top of the pyramids in cheerleading. I've told them that being small is a good thing for gymnastics and dance. You're right - what you have will work for you.

Amy - that's great to hear that Lilly is getting around by herself!