Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tennis, anyone?


The girls have been taking weekly tennis lessons this summer through the town's Parks & Recreations Department.  I'm not expecting them to become tennis stars.  We simply wanted to add an activity for the summer to make the role of Entertainer Director a bit easier for Grammy.  The class is taught by a few high school (they could be college) kids.  (I've reached the age that unless you're a really young kid, I can't correctly guess how old you are.)  Due to a schedule change, I was able to bring the girls to class last week.  I was happy to see that they appear to be over their fear of boy teachers.


Go, Anna!











Photography Stuff - I ended up using my 105mm lens for these. I don't have a zoom lens and I wanted to stay as far away as possible.  Who wants their mom all up in their face during tennis lessons?   It kind of looks like my kids are the only ones there.  I purposely framed the pictures to exclude the other kids and fortunately, the older kids were taking a break during the above side view photos.  Anna's a lefty and I wasn't able to go stand on the other side of her because the other kids were using that court.

And now those kids are back...






Anonymous said...

This is so cute.

KimB said...

So cute.

You can see those teenage boys thinking, "1, 2, 3 of them?" LOL

Do you ever find you have to have "the talk" with new people in their lives? Like, "They are identical triplets. Yes, identical triplets. Rare, but here they are."

Ashlee said...

so cute!!

B. said...

Too adorable! Photos of your girls ALMOST make me want to try one more time for a girl.

Sarah said...

B. - LOL

Kim - Yes, there are usually a lot of questions. (ha ha) Most people assume that they are twins + 1 younger.

The Yarbrough's said...

Identical triplets?! I can't imagine. lol We have boy/girl twins.

I found your blog thru a blog link-up at Kelly's Korner. Someone had commented that your blog was one of their favorites.

I look forward to following you. :)


Sarah said...

Hi Stacey!

Leslie said...

Both of my kids play tennis and it's a great sport - non contact, compete with yourself, and they love it! I hope your girls continue to have fun!

Sarah said...

Leslie - I like tennis too. When I was younger, my brothers, mom and I took tennis lessons for many summers.