Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer portraits

Rich's family held their 4th of July celebration on Saturday the 6th at Rich's brother's house, which is on a pond.  This was also the day that Anna's bladder infection was discovered at the ER.  Because the kids had been looking forward to this party and the chance to hang out with their cousins, I packed up the van and headed over there during the afternoon with Allie and Emily.  The hospital is fairly close to my brother-in-law's house so the plan was for Rich and Anna to meet us there after so that Anna could (hopefully) enjoy some of the party.  As most of us unfortunately know, a visit to the ER is never quick and it took forever for them to join us.

I brought my camera and I have a lot more pictures to share but for now, these are ones that I took with my 85mm lens (Nikon, f/1.8).  I was hanging out watching Emily and Allie attempt to swim underwater in a baby pool that was almost as wide as they are tall.









alliesmith said...

Your photography is just spectacular. I think you should move to Charleston, SC to escape the cold and also so that you could be here for me to hire!

Anonymous said...

These are some greats photos of your 2 of 3 daughters! Their eyes are so blue.

Anonymous said...

What precious girls!! I think it is so amazing that Anna is able to walk despite the fact that she has the most severe form of spina bifida. What a little miracle she is!!! :)

Debbie said...

These are all wonderful. But I really really find the one with the one daughter up close and the other one caught "in the bokeh" in the back amazing. I realize it is only 2 of your three girls, but I would have it blown up.

Sarah said...

Thank you! And yes, it is a bit of a miracle that Anna can walk unassisted.