Thursday, July 18, 2013 was your weekend?

I've been spending my time on the train catching up on social media.  I was laughing to myself Monday and Tuesday reading blogs about weekend activities.  When do people clean and do laundry?  I spent a good portion of the day Friday just doing laundry.  (I also took a nap Saturday morning.  And painted my nails Sunday morning.)  Exciting activities.

(Emily's retired sparkly shoes now fit Anna!)


The girls enjoy playing outside and wanted to ride their bikes before we headed out for a shopping excursion to Target Saturday afternoon.  We finally retrieved my bike from "storage" (aka my brother's garage) so the girls and I rode around for a little bit.  It's a good thing we gave them that time outside then because it ended up raining for the rest of the day.

(I took some time to mess around with my 105mm lens.)


So when we brought Anna in for her urology appointment, she had been on the antibiotics for less than 48 hours. I really wish that her appointment had been on Tuesday instead of Monday.  The next morning, the side effects kicked in and haven't stopped.  We are on day 10 of side effects.  We've been going through at least 10 pull-ups a day (it's more like 15) and her rash is pretty bad right now.  Probiotics did absolutely nothing.  Given the heat wave, I had thought of bringing the girls to the beach tomorrow.  That's not going to happen.  She only has two days left of this medicine.

(The girls cath their stuffed animals.)


One of the items on our Target shopping list was new sneakers for the girls.  Anna spotted these very bright sandals and exclaimed that she really wanted them.  They were her size and on clearance for $4.50.  The poor kid's been having such a hard time, I didn't put up a fight.

It was only supposed to be 80 degrees on Sunday so we made plans to meet up with Emily's BFF and her family on the bike path.  Of course, as Rich went to load the bikes into the van, he discovered an issue with one of the tires so we only had two bikes.  Allie, Emily and her BFF biked, walked and ran two miles.  It was freaking hot and we discovered afterward that it was 91 degrees, not the forecasted 80 degrees.  It was quite a workout for Anna even though she didn't have nearly has much exercise as the others.  We really should have brought the jogging stroller for her.  All the kids cooled off in the sprinkler after it was all said and done.


And to end my exciting weekend recap, look who I found while cleaning out the playroom.


Chip!  I can't believe that thing is still with us.  Do you see how small it is?


Anonymous said...

Do you still have the teeny tiny Pascal?

Sarah said...

We do! The end of his tail broke off at some point.

Anonymous said...

Lurker here, but re: the rash, have you tried Bag Balm? My son had a really bad diaper rash which wasn't helped by any conventional diaper cream but Bag Balm cleared it up overnight.

Wendy said...

Good god that stinking Chip! Love the polish color though.

Mamma Sol said...

Another diaper rash tip, not knowing whether you need advice or whether this product is available in the US... zink paste is very thick in consistency and creates a physical barrier on the skin. There are special cleaning creams to remove it again as it will not wash off with normal soap and water... which is part of the thing, it is not water soluble and therefore protects the skin very well!

Tinkerbellemommy said...

I'll second the Bag Balm! It works great on sore bottoms, and more. It too creates a waterproof barrier, but washes away easier than zinc. It's also great for cracked heels.

Anonymous said...

I've had a lot of issues with side effects while on antibiotics (I have what's called infectious asthma--basically whenever I get a cold I wind up with chest infection) and I've found that Imodium is super helpful... They have a liquid version for children ages 6-11, not sure if issues with digestion are the side effect you're referring to, but have you considered that at all?

Sarah said...

I haven't tried Bag Balm - and now I'm interested. We'll have to get some.

Thankfully, her problems and the rash cleared up. She finished those antibiotics and now she's starting up with the other. I hope she doesn't have issues with this new antibiotic - she took it when she was a toddler w/out issue.

Oddly enough, you couldn't take any products like Imodium with these meds.