Monday, June 17, 2013

And so it begins. Gymnastics

Back in the spring, I had signed the girls up for one 1/2 day of gymnastics camp during April school vacation week. Our gym has two options for vacation week camps:

  • Ages 3 - 6 (Preschool and kindergartners)
  • Ages 6+ (Beginners)

I had asked their coach ahead of time if the girls could attend the beginner camp seeing as they were in the correct age group and she said that it would be fine. Unfortunately, Allie started puking the night before and by the end of the week when she was no longer sick, the only camp left was the other one, which was absolutely fine.  Not a big deal at all.

Registration for summer gymnastics classes began last month.  I'm so happy that our gym actually has weekly classes during the summer.  Yippee for summer activities!  I picked up the registration form from the the office and noticed that they had the same two options I listed above.  They also had other classes, some of which were labeled by color.  I know how levels in gymnastics work and the fact that the gym we attend doesn't have levels 1 through 3. I wasn't quite sure how they split out the kids who weren't in a level though.

When I asked at the office if I could register the girls for the summer beginner class, I was told that I should talk to the coach first.  Oh, crap.  I'm going to be told that they should stay in the kindergarten class for the summer.  I was sort of bummed because there's a big difference between a three year old and a six year old and I felt that my girls would benefit from being with the older girls.  Turns out, I was fretting for no reason.  I was told that Allie is just about ready to skip the beginner class and it was suggested that I register the girls for a summer class that takes place at the same time as the next group up, so that Allie can train with those kids.

At about the same time, fall registration opened up and I was told that Allie was placed in the class above the beginners for the fall.  There was some hesitation on the part of the gym to relay this information to me and I had to be the one to say, "Hey, I realize that they have different skills.  It's okay to split them up."  Luckily, there's one day with both classes at the same time.  So while logistically, we're all set, there's another side to all of this.  There's now a noted difference between the three of them.  Emily seemed to take it the hardest at first.  She wasn't necessarily upset that Allie was in a higher group; it was more a matter of her wanting to be in her own class.  It took about a week or so for her to get over it, so to speak.  Now Emily and Anna tell everyone that they're buddies because they're going to be in the same gymnastics class, they were partners in the ballet dance for the recital and they were on the same color team for field day at school.

I've already started telling the girls those "when I was younger stories."  When I was younger, I so badly wanted to take dance and gymnastics but when I was growing up, you didn't ask your parents to sign you up for activities.  They did it for you and you went whether you liked it or not.  I played little league baseball (with a hard ball) and then softball because my parents signed me up for it.  Was I any good?  Not really.  At only six years old, kids are still discovering the world and I want to be able to introduce my kids to things that they may enjoy.  (I also think it's crazy how everything starts so young now.  I sometimes feel like if you aren't in an activity by the age of 7 or 8, you've missed the boat.)        

They all want to take dance lessons in the fall again.  They are now old enough to take other classes, like jazz and hip hop.  They haven't decided exactly which one(s) they want to pursue and maybe Emily will be in a class on her own. We may also attempt tennis lessons this summer.  I always tell them that they just need to try.  I'll be happy if they try. And they do.  Not everyone is going to be a superstar at everything and I always praise them for doing the best they can.

Last month, I asked the girls if any of them were interested in running.  I know it's a premature question; that's an activity I wouldn't suggest they pursue until they are in middle school.  But Anna told me that she was going to run with me when she's older.  I have absolutely no doubt that she will.  


Lily said...

you should write for a parenting magazine! Love these types of blog posts.

Kathryn said...

have you ever thought about putting some small ads on your website? You seem so stressed about your job all the time....might be a way to make some extra $$$ so you could cut back at work?

Sarah said...

Thanks, Lily.

I've thought about ads but that seems more stressful to me. Then this would turn into a job too. I'm paid a salary so if I work 40 hours a week or 50 hours a week - I'm still paid the same. Believe me, I wouldn't be working overtime if I didn't have to.

Ashlee said...

I'm sure there are lots and lots of parents that aren't so easy at activities (or school) when their kids are split into different level classes (or even if a younger sibling is ready to jump and an older sibling) I am sure you are a breath of fresh air to those coaches!!

Christi said...

Love that you let each girl shine on her own in their activities. They have got some great parents.

Maybe someday you'll run a Disney 5K with your girls. Wouldn't that be fun?

Karen said...

The girls will definitely excel at whatever they do!

Have you ever thought about having them play a musical instrument such as piano? The girls might enjoy doing so.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that Anna wants to run with you. Spina bifida sure isn't going to hold her down at all! :)

Sarah said...

Christi - I think they would love to run a Disney 5K!

Karen - we have a piano and I can play. I would love if one of them played too. My plan was to teach them a little to see if they liked it and then move them (or whoever liked it) to a better teacher than me. I'll have to bring back piano lessons this summer. Although tonight Emily told me that she wants to play the flute and the guitar.

Anon - Anna definitely doesn't let SB hold her down at all!

Cindy said...

I totally believe, with all my heart, that you and Anna will be running together and that You will have trouble keeping up with Anna. She is that amazing and she doesn't give up. SB or no SB, it is who she is at her core.