Saturday, May 4, 2013

I'm grumpy and my leg is still jacked up

I admit to being a complete grump this past week.  I'm not exactly sure what triggered it, most likely a combination of events, but I was oh so ready to throw in the towel.  Friday, my day at home, saved me.  Being sick last week really messed up work.  The majority of my work is "my work," which means if I don't do it, it doesn't get done.  I still wasn't feeling back to normal Monday morning.  In fact, I felt like absolute crap and wanted to crawl back into bed but that most definitely wasn't an option.  I'm better today because it's the weekend but I think I've had my fill of train schedules, overtime, overcrowded/late trains, arriving home just as the kids are going to bed and work drama.  Maybe this is partially a mid-life crisis but I need a change.  Something needs to change.  I don't know exactly how or what.  I'm always full of crazy ideas though. (Just ask Rich.)  I hold the health insurance for the family so unless/until that changes, life will continue on as is for now.

To further frustrate matters, my leg is still giving me grief.  Not that I was able to run anyway.  Normal food (albeit smaller portions than usual) has slowly worked its way back into my diet this week.  I don't know exactly how I "injured" myself but I'm now convinced that it wasn't from running.  The problem area (which is underneath and a bit to the side of my left knee) was a bit sensitive from running and then I did something stupid, like twist my leg the wrong way when moving the wooden step-box the girls use to climb in and out of the van, and that problem area decided to overreact.  That's the only logical explanation I can come up with and Rich agrees.  I was, without a doubt, not overtraining and to think that something this painful and long-lasting could have occurred from what I was doing just seems pathetic.

I spent last Saturday shuffling around the house in pain.  It was almost impossible to travel up and down the stairs, which I've discovered I need to do all day long when I'm at home.  But then Sunday, it felt a little better.  Monday morning, I didn't think I was going to be able to make the walk to work from the train station.  It's slowly been improving but I'm days, if not a week, away from running again, which means that my 5K in a few weeks may end with a PL (personal low.)

I think I'm a happier person when I have something just for me.  Something that's mine, that I can feel good about.  I was really looking forward to getting back into running.  It's never going to be easy but now that the kids are tiny bit older and Rich is finished with school, I thought it would be easier.  I was enjoying "me time" and setting goals for myself.  Needless to say, I'm bummed out right now.

So there is some good news this week.  Everyone is back to healthy!!!  If I never meet another stomach virus again, it will be too soon.  And I think Emily would agree.  Poor baby had the worst of it.



I haven't wanted to bother you all with the voting button but there are only 4 more days left (I think.)  A big thank you to everyone who has been voting daily.  We keep moving between 2nd and 5th place!!  Thank you for all your support!


Kerry B said...

Yes, everyone needs something for themselves. I love having hobbies that are mine alone like my silly little blog or my desire to photograph. But whatever it is it feels good. So I understand your grouchiness. We all get there. Your photos are always so gorgeous! And those gals are beautiful!

Ashlee said...

Those pictures are so pretty! Sorry your grouchy and I'm really sorry about your leg, but glad to hear everyone is feeling better!

It doesn't bug me when you post the button, makes it easier to find!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm a runner too, and I'm wondering if you've considered the pain in your leg/knee might be from your iliotibial band? Just google it. It's a band of nerves that runs nearly the entire length of your leg. I had issues with it that made my knee (behind it, if that makes sense) hurt. You can do stretches for it if you get a foam roller for about $40, I think. Go to Runner's World. There are videos to help with streches, etc. Good luck!

Sarah said...

Anon - I'll have to check out the foam roller videos. I'm willing to try anything. Thanks.

Thanks, Kerry and Ashlee.