Monday, April 22, 2013

The girls' family (aka home) birthday party outfits + a Mommy & Me photo shoot attempt and fail

(I still find it a little hard to believe that I have three six year olds.)

So as you all know, candid or "lifestyle" photography is more my thing for several reasons.  I hadn't planned on any type of staged photo shoot for the girls but I did want pictures of them so we could look back someday and say, "Hey, here you are at your 6th birthday party!"  The girls were dressed early and overly excited for guests to arrive.


This meant that they had absolutely zero interest in having their picture taken.



Except for my little, fuzzy chick.


I then handed the camera over to Rich and asked him to take some pictures of me with the girls.


That's Allie's fake mad trying not to smile face.





Funny pictures are better than no pictures.  (I do have an idea for a Mommy & Me photo shoot that I want to try out.  First step is to order the background paper.)

(Anna and Emily are wearing pettiskirts from the clearance rack at Target under their skirts.)

I'll have a birthday party post up later this week.


JEN said...

Happy Birthday girls!

Megan said...

Cute pictures!

M+W said...

Absolutely adorable! I love the pictures you took with them! Happy Happy Birthday from Texas :)

Miss Rachel said...

They look adorable, and their hair is getting so long!

Anonymous said...

Love the photos - glad you were in them - I need to make sure I am not always behind the camera as well. I can't believe they are 6 either - I feel like I've watched them grow up via your blog - you are truly blessed!


Eileen Ward said...

Adore! Omg...the pettiskirts look so much better on little kids, than adults. I love the outfits!

Katie said...

Love the pettiskirts! They're so stylish!

Lily said...

their skirts look great! I love how Emily is posing in the last one

Anonymous said...

How come they aren't all wearing their princess shirts?

Sarah said...

Thanks, everyone.

Outside of the fact that Anna does not like that princess shirt, there's no real reason why.

Teej said...

I think those Mommy and Me photos are priceless. Love it.