Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Take your kid's buddy to work day

Anna was a bit upset that the activities and play dates for Monday and Tuesday were canceled/postponed due to Allie being sick.  She told me that it was going to be boring staying in the house all day so I decided to do something different to distract her and provide some entertainment.  I brought her little red bear, Jo-Jo to work with me.  Throughout the day, I took some pictures with my iPhone and then uploaded them to FB so Grammy could show them to Anna (and Emily and Allie too.)

Here's Jo-Jo enjoying his first train ride.


I left him alone while I went to a meeting and when I returned to my desk, this is what I found.


Anna told me that he's too little to eat candy.  Oooops.

He took his afternoon nap like a good little bear.


Back at home that night, Anna wanted to know if Jo-Jo had worked on any tax returns.  Yes, he did.  Well, why aren't there any pictures?  Ooooops.  The girls enjoyed Take Your Kid's Buddy to Work Day and have now requested that I do it every day.  I told them once a week.  (I'm waiting to get caught taking pictures of a stuffed animal at my desk.)

I found out that my blog was nominated for Circle of Moms, Top 25 Blogs of Moms of Multiples.  I would really, really appreciate any votes!  You don't have to register and you can vote once a day.  Thank you in advance - you all are always very supportive!

(It feels weird to jump from tragedy to a normal post but that's what I need to do.  I could go on and on about what's going on here in Boston but I kind of feel like it's not really mine to go on and on about.  Hopefully, we'll all have some answers soon.)


Merks said...

What a cute idea! This is something I know my kids would love, too.

Ashlee said...

Love this idea it's so much fun!!

Anonymous said...

So cute!!!

- Rebecca

Debbie said...

This was such a great idea. Shows them how much you are thinking of them, and gives them a feel of what your day is like. You are so clever.

Christi said...

Love this! What a good idea.