Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter mini-recap

(Only a week late.  Not too bad!)

Easter was a fairly low-key holiday for us.  The morning was spent at home.  Due to the chilly weather, I requested that the bunny hide the eggs inside this year.  The girls had a blast running around the house searching for eggs.  Some eggs (plastic, of course) weren't found until the next day, which the girls thought was hysterical.

I didn't buy (or sew) the girls Easter clothes this year because they didn't really need anything new.  Their clothes from last year still fit just fine.


A bunny from the bunny.



Or in Anna's case, from two years ago.  The girls chose their own outfits and they were perfectly content with finding something already in their closets.


We visited with Rich's mom for a bit at her house and then we headed over to my parents' house for Easter lunch.  A side trip to the ocean was necessary to see if the beach was ready for us. 


It was not. 



It was immediately obvious that my secret wish for low tide would not be granted.  The winds were fierce and the temperature had started to drop.  We found a random playground for the girls to burn off some energy.





And that was Easter.  A nice, quiet (well, as quiet as it can be with three almost 6 year olds) family day.


We had a small family birthday party for the girls yesterday at our home.  In case you are wondering (because I know it's so suspenseful), I was able to sew all of the outfits I needed to (and one more) in plenty of time for the party.  I plan to post all that this week along with my lens recommendations for Disney.  Unless something happens.  Like work.  Lots and lots of work.        


Melissa B said...

Isn't it a shame the water comes all the way up to the sea wall there - I had to float my son back to the beach one day when we got inadvertently caught on the sandbar as the tide came in!

Sarah said...

Melissa - how scary! The tide can come in really fast.