Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm still here

Eeek, I didn't mean to go so long between posts but this week hasn't been a very good one for blogging.  We weathered the blizzard with no damage and I do have pictures to post. Although by this point, I'm sure everyone has moved on.  (Oh, well.  I'm always late to the party.)  I wasn't feeling well Sunday or Monday.  I'm still exhausted but at least that sick feeling is gone.  Anna was having some abdominal issues Saturday (related to her having spina bifida) and I was up half the night.  (She's fine now.)  My index finger is jacked up due to an irritated/infected hangnail (I believe) which was most likely made much worse after sewing on Saturday.  I wrap bobbin threads around that finger to pull and gather the fabric.  And then there was a Flickr issue and months worth of blog posts had broken links so no photos were showing up in the posts.  I know, what else can I complain about?

I've just about finished sewing the girls' Valentine's Day outfits for school.  There's a skirt for Emmy and jumpers for Anna and Allie.  That's what I was working on last night.  I took Benadryl (children's because that's all we had in the house) Monday night to see if it would help with the jacked up finger and it ended up knocking me out. 

I'll be back soon. 


Ashlee said...

Glad you (and Anna!) are feeling a little bit better!

Can't wait to see the Valentine outfits!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you made out okay with the storm. Just wondering how much snow you got, I'm from Long Island and we got about 29 inches by me.
Have a happy Valentines Day! Can't wait to see the girls' outfits, the things you sew are always adorable!!!

Teej said...

I think it is pretty awesome that you are a busy, crafting, WORKING mom of three, but you still take the time to reach out to your blog readers and say a brief hello, even when you are too busy for more! It shows a lot of commitment. But I hope you know that most of your readers (well, I guess I can only speak for me), don't judge you when you do post as frequently as normal. I just assume you are busy!

Sarah said...

I have been thinking about all of you and the storm. Mighty scary weather. You sound like you have a running over plate! I can't wait to see photos of the girls in their Valentine's Day dresses. I am sure they will be splendid!

Sarah said...

Thanks, Ashlee!

Anon - we had about 2 feet. It was hard to tell exactly b/c there was so much drifting. In some spots, the drifts were 4 ft. Thanks for the compliment on their clothes :)

Thanks, Teej. I usually don't judge bloggers when they don't post as often either but sometimes I wonder what's going on.

Thanks, Sarah!