Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Last weekend, we experienced our first significant snowfall of the season.  It was only 6 inches or so.  Nothing major.  I don't mind snow as long as it doesn't interfere with my commute.  That morning, I threw my snow boots and Michelin Man jacket on over my pajamas and trekked out behind our house.  I told the girls that I wanted to take some pictures before the snow fell off of the trees.  I lasted about 5 minutes because it was freezing and windy.



Sort of the shot I was hoping to get.  Not exactly what I had in mind but I'm happy with it.


The girls were super excited to try out some sledding in our sloped yard.  We waited until later that afternoon but it was still freezing cold.  I think we lasted 20 minutes.  The girls had fun.





(I absolutely love this picture of Allie.)








The next day, the girls said, "It's a good thing you got your pictures, Mommy.  The snow is off of the trees."


Elena said...

The pictures are awesome. Great photography! You should be actually proud of your skills. The girls really look like having the times of their lives. Keep enjoying!

Alina L said...

That looks like so much fun!! Great photos (as always) Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! That one of Allie is particularly good!

If you don't mind me asking, does Emily (I'm pretty sure it's Emily) have a third lip? I'm not sure that this is even the right way of saying it, but my friend's daughter has a similar sort of red, lip-shaped patch below her bottom lip and was told it was a third lip?

Anyway, again - lovely pictures!

Nadine said...

Fantastic pictures! Having kids gives us a reason to go play in the show again! Next year I will be out there with my little ones!!

Sarah said...

Thank you!

Anon - no, she doesn't have a third lip. We all have really dry skin from the winter and she just happened to have a bad patch under her lip that was really chapped. I'll be so happy when spring is here.

Valentina said...

It see like you had fun! and OMG, that pics are awesome, you're an amazing photographer! I really enjoy all your posts! I love to read all the advices for the photography,I'm a beginner, and you're helping me a lot, Thank you!
I love your blog, and your girls!
You're so blessed for that little cuties! I'm getting better for tell them apart!

Tara said...

These are beautiful!!