Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Allie's bangs and sissy love

Some slightly random and unrelated thoughts....

A few weeks ago, I noticed that Allie had a small section of hair in the front that appeared to be long bangs.  It fit in naturally so I just assumed that it was hair that was growing in.  I then realized (after a week had gone by) that it was too big of a section to just be regular growth so I asked her if she had cut her hair.  She had!  She told me that she had wanted bangs.  Thankfully, she didn't do any damage.  Maybe she has a future as a hair stylist.


Poor little Anna.  Her shunt tubing drains excess fluid from her brain into her abdominal cavity.  We've been told that this can cause some discomfort.  Every other month or so, Anna has a day where she complains that the area below her bully button hurts.  She says that it's inside but she can't point out a specific area.  We've been through this enough now that we know it isn't anything serious.  Sometimes she just needs to go to the bathroom but it's not that easy when you have SB.  Anyway, Anna had one of those nights last night and I was up with her for awhile.  She was doing better today but then started complaining again at bedtime.

When I read to the girls at night, they rotate who sits in my lap.  Tonight was Allie's night.  When Anna climbed onto the bed and realized that it was Allie's night for lap, she started bawling.  I asked Allie if she would switch with Anna and she quickly agreed.  Allie and Em were both gently rubbing Anna's arm and giving her kisses.  At one point in the middle of a story, Anna put her arm out next to Emily and Emily reached up and took Anna's hand.  They held hands for part of the story!  I almost started to cry!  I'm using too many exclamation points!!  (It was really super sweet.)

Poor Anna had a rough start to the new year.  I think it was their second day back to school and she fell inside right before they had reached the classrooms.  We suspect that the floors were wet.  The fall was bad enough that the school called Grammy to come back and retrieve Anna from the nurse's office.  Not only did she have a huge lumpy bruise right in the middle of her forehead but she had landed on her hand and her thumb was swollen and bruised.  The teachers were very apologetic and now have a different procedure when walking her to class so that this hopefully doesn't happen again.  Anna's a tough cookie but it sucks watching your child go through this.  


Ali said...

Oh man, I would have cried for sure! I almost cried hearing how thoughtful Allie was to let Anna have the night on your lap! <3 And then the hand holding..? That is one proud-mama kinda night.

Thinking about Anna with her trials in 2013 so far... sending good vibes. XO


Emily said...

Poor Anna! It's so wonderful that she has such loving, supportive sisters.

Angela Bailey said...

Poor Anna!!! I know I don't know her, but I am super proud of her for being so resilient. It just sucks that she has so many things she has to be resilient about!


Valentina said...

Poor Anna! But her sisters were so sweet. Love your blog and your girls! Hope that Anna get better.

Hope's Mama said...

Oh Sarah, you have such sweet girls. Anna is very brave and how wonderful to know how much her sisters truly do care for her. Must be lovely to watch, though equally crushing to see Anna suffer the way she does.

Mama Meerkat said...

Poor Anna! I hope she's feeling better soon. Her sisters are so sweet.