Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bad Day

This week has been mentally draining.  As I was taking my shoes off tonight, Allie pointed to the stripes on my pants and told me that it looked like I was wearing clown pants.  Do clowns wear navy blue pinstriped suit pants?  Because I didn't that they did.  Then when I told her that I'd had a bad day at work, she glanced at my outfit and said, "Awwww, did people make fun of the way you looked?"

We read three stories at bedtime each night.  Anna's choice tonight was Barbie Princess Charm School, which I think is chosen because it's so long.  Apparently, it's full of vocabulary words as well.  Here are the ones that the girls asked me to define and explain tonight:
  • foster mother
  • survive
  • succeed
Rich had to go out for a bit tonight after we tucked the girls into bed.  Instead of editing photos or doing something productive, I zoned out in front of YouTube for far too long.  Anna was diagnosed with a somewhat mild case of the croup today so I've promised to bunk with her tonight.  



Kate- Crazy Crunchy Chocolate Mummy said...

Tomorrow is a new day, I hope its a better day! And I hope Anna is alright. :-)

Hope's Mama said...

Had a bad day here, too. Small children will wear you down by the end of the week. Thankfully it is Friday night here! Sending you love.

B. said...

Allie's comment cracked me up! Here's to a good weekend.

Ashlee said...

Haha Allie's comment is hilarious!

Hope you have a good weekend to make up for the bad day!

Cindy said...

Allie is just too funny. Kids have an incredible way of perking up our days - Allie's clown pants and followup comment is priceless. Just so you don't feel singled out, recently my girls and I were cuddling on the couch after I finished some grueling task - ew, mom,you are sweaty and you stink. To my very vain husband - wow daddy, you have so many wrinkles, come here and let me count them. Daddy, you smell like poopy. Yup. Apparently, we need to shower more often.