Sunday, October 28, 2012

The calm before the (Franken)storm

The weather has been unsettled for most of today.  No doubt a prelude to the approaching hurricane.  We brought the girls trick or treating on Main Street yesterday afternoon.  It's something organized by the town and local businesses volunteer to open their doors for a few hours to hand out candy.  My kids don't really eat that much candy; it's more about collecting it.  Plus, they thoroughly enjoy seeing other kids' costumes.



As you know, I can sew but I decided that this year was not the year to attempt to cram in three Halloween costumes.  The girls were allowed to pick out their costumes from Target and they actually chose costumes matching their personalities.

First up, is the rock star, Alicenne LeBlanc -


I even gave her some purple hair.


Then there's Daphne.  (Anna)



And last, but not least - Dorothy.


After I took that picture, I said,  "Emmy, I couldn't even see the best part of your costume."


Yes, Toto in a basket!


Jilly said...

That IS the best part of her costume! Though the braids are awesome too. And Anna is just hysterical. And I will be shocked if Allie doesn't wind up doing something with performing, at least in her school years.

mommatojoa said...

Such Beautiful girls! :)

B. said...

So cute!!!

Deanna said...

So stinkin' cute! Anna cracks me up in those first pictures, holding on her wig. : )

Miss Rachel said...

They are way too freakin cute!!!

Troy said...

Anna's costume is so cool and her wig hilarious, you have best kids in this world loads of love to them xoxo
I liked all three costumes esp last pic

Anonymous said...

Be safe! We are underwater here in Virginia.


Chantel said...

I love love LOVE how fitting their costumes are for their personalities. Love each and every one but I laughed at outloud at Toto.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and your girls are so cute and adorable. I hope you guys are staying safe in the storm

Baby Bella Maya said...

Very cute pictures, your girls look so happy! That Toto in a basket is priceless

Sarah said...

Thank you! Yes, we are safe. Hope all of you are as well.

Teej said...

Did the basket and toto come as part of the costume, or did y'all add that yourselves? Either way, super cute!

Sarah said...

Toto and the basket were with the Halloween costumes at Target.