Friday, October 12, 2012

I do!

The weekend after we returned home from our Disney vacation, Rich and I and the girls attended the wedding of Rich's niece near Newport, RI.  The wedding ceremony was scheduled to take place outdoors and unfortunately, a tropical storm was in the area.  Despite the terrific winds and clouds, the rain held off until our drive home.




Oh, the cuteness continues...







Allie was still not back to her normal self.  Emily came down with a mild cold the day after we returned home from vacation.  The next day, everyone had a cold.  Within a few days, it was pretty much gone but Allie definitely needed more time to recover.  Thankfully, the ceremony was short because five minutes into it, Allie announced, "This is boring!"  And then we didn't schedule feeding the girls correctly and Allie was starving.  She loves to dance but didn't really have the energy to do so at the reception so I ended up holding her and dancing.



Check out this cool arts & crafts table for the kids.



Emily's drawing of her and Daddy.


Anna with the puppy adopted from the kiddie table.


This picture cracks me up - Emily's smile combined with Rich's look of torture.


My sister-in-law, Amelia, danced with the girls, which was a huge help considering Allie's clinginess.  At one point, a circle had formed on the dance floor and Emily was in the middle of it, dancing by herself.  It was awesome.  She actually cried when I said that it was late and time to leave.




Oh, and Emily ate a Caesar salad!


Miss Rachel said...

The girls look SO cute in those dresses! Great find!

Anonymous said...

I've noticed your kids each have a hair style that they seem to gravitate towards. Is it hard to convince them to change sometimes, or do you just let them do what they want.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Miss Rachel. I like how they all coordinate.

Anon - I just let them do what they want. They have to wear their hair up in pony tails or braids for school though. Everyone's hair (including all the adults) was a mess b/c of the strong winds.

Lily said...

I hope Emily's daddy gets that picture of the two of them printed and framed.

Jilly said...

Ok, this might seem weird and random, but it's always something I've wondered about identical multiples. When I was little my older sisters watched a show called Double Trouble, about twin teen girls. One moment clearly stands out in my memory - one twin wonders how a new hat looks on her, and sticks it on her sister's head. "I look amazing!" she says gleefully. Do the girls feel they actually look 'identical'? Do they think their sisters look different than they see themselves in the mirror (if that makes any sense, sort of like when you see a picture of yourself and you didn't realize you looked a certain way)?

Amy Medeiros said...

LOVE those pics of the girls! Love how their dresses coordinate without being matchy. You're good. :)

Anonymous said...

Emily looks so much like Rich.


Wendy said...

awww! Smoosh a seeeester! <3

Sarah said...

Jilly - it's weird because they do know that they look like each other but they don't. They know that others confuse who is who but if I ask them if they look alike, they say no.

Anonymous said...

your girls are so sweet!