Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day Five: The cutest pictures ever. (Almost)

Itinerary for the day

Park:  Possibly Epcot later in the afternoon
ADR:  Breakfast at Cape May Cafe, 8:40 AM
Must do:  Swim, swim and swim

Allie had been asking for pancakes all week and I promised her that she would have pancakes with this breakfast.  Cape May Cafe is located at the Beach Club resort and whenever we rode in the elevator, we would see the advertisement for breakfast, which included a photo of a plate of pancakes and sausage.

I was exhausted that morning.  So was Allie.  It had been a long restless night and we had ended up rushing around that morning.  It had also been a bit of a battle convincing Allie that she needed to drink a dose of antihistamine.  I bribed her with the promise of another buddy.

We checked in for our reservation at 8:40 and had to wait for a table.  Although the wait was about 10-15 minutes, it seemed like it took forever.  Kids were hungry.  Allie was tired.  Kids were clingy.  As soon as we were seated, I dashed up to the buffet in search of pancakes and Mickey-head waffles.  I found the waffles but not the pancakes.  I grabbed a bagel and some extra plates and returned to the table.

Anna and Emily were happy to see the waffles.  I returned to the buffet because I assumed that I must have missed the pancakes.  I finally gave up and asked the woman stocking the buffet.  No pancakes.  Allie attempted to nibble on a bagel but it was a no go.  She ended up climbing up onto my lap to cuddle.

(Emily ready for autographs.)


This is a character meal with Goofy, Donald and Minnie wearing beach gear.The characters all stopped by earlier than I expected them to.  This is the only photo I was able to take and I was stuck on the wrong side of the table.  Allie's not scowling.  That's her swollen face.


With Allie on my lap, I attempted to eat my breakfast in five minutes or less. She wanted to go back to bed so as soon as I inhaled my food, I carried her back to the room while the others stayed to finish their meal.  After they returned to the rooms, I grabbed my camera and left to take a walk with Anna and Emily.  When Rich had dropped us off in front of the resort the night before, Emily had asked me to take a picture of them sitting in front of the hotel.  My hands were very full and it was late so I promised her that we would take some pictures before our vacation was over.


At first, I wasn't sure if they would cooperate but as soon as we hit the walkway, they ran over to that bench and called out, "Mommy, take a picture of us sitting on this bench." You don't have to ask me twice.

They chose all of the locations and posed themselves.





I laugh whenever I look at this next one.  We were walking through the lobby when the girls spotted this sofa near the front entrance.  They asked me to take their picture on it so I looked down to change my camera settings.  I looked back up to find them like this:

A man driving by on a motorized scooter stopped and did a double take.


I hate that Allie is missing from these pictures.  When we returned from our walk, Anna and Emily changed into their bathing suits and left for the pool with Rich and Grammy.  I snuggled up next to Allie in bed and napped for the next two hours.


There are several pool areas at Beach Club that are perfect for little ones.  My girls preferred the kiddie pool with the small waterside. This pool is set apart from the other pools and is located behind the stairs to the big waterslide.  It is very shallow as well.


Our first day there, we were the only ones in that pool.  Not so much on the other days.  When I walked over to the pool to meet with up with Rich, Anna and Emily, I was a bit surprised to see the lifeguard sitting there with a whistle in his mouth.  A whistle for a kiddie pool?  And then I saw why.  As a parent myself and especially as a parent of a child with a non-visible medical issue, I try to not judge other children.  There were a lot of older kids in the pool but maybe they didn't know how to swim or maybe they were afraid of the water.  Whatever.

You had to go down the waterslide feet first.  It was a written rule and if the lifeguard watched a kid slide down headfirst, he/she would make a point of explaining the rules.  Well, this one bigger kid kept sliding down any way but feet first.  I watched him sit at the top of the waterslide, look at the lifeguard who would shake his head no and then he would slide down headfirst because apparently he could do what he wanted to.

The reason for this story (because otherwise, I really wouldn't give a crap what this kid was doing) is to explain this picture.


Emily wanted me to take pictures of her on the waterslide.  I took that one right after she hit the water.  (She kept turning sideways right when she would land in the water.  I assume to keep her head above the water.)  That kid could have landed right on top of her.  Apparently, he didn't have to follow the rule of waiting for the swimmer in front of you to clear out of the way.  I was actually a bit annoyed that the lifeguard didn't say anything.


Emily loved that waterslide and spent all week trying to convince Anna to try it out.  Anna would respond with, "I am certain that I am not going on that waterslide."  I kept trying to convince her to try it out.  I told her that I would catch her so that she wouldn't go under.  Nope, nope and nope.  I finally found out why, which makes me a bit sad.  She told us that when she had been sliding down a similar waterslide at Santa's Village, she had fallen back and bumped her head and so she was afraid that she was going to get hurt.

We picked up a late lunch of pizza and sandwiches at the Marketplace and ate back in our rooms.  Instead of walking to Epcot though, we decided that we should return to Magic Kingdom as there was so much there that the girls had yet to see and do. 

(Emily saying, "WAHHH."  I don't know why.  But she is modeling a Tinkerbell skirt that I made.)


Allie always had the option of not participating if she didn't feel up to it.  That afternoon, she was really tired and not only dealing with a full blown allergic reaction but also suffering the side effects of the antihistamine.  Rich and I told her that we would carry her whenever she couldn't ride in the stroller.  The strollers were in the van so we set off with me carrying her.  We made it to the resort's lobby when Allie said, "Mommy, I can't go."  I found a chair and we sat for a few moments.  My arms were tired and my heart ached.

~ To be continued.

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BreezieGirl said...

Poor Allie. :( You are right about the (almost) cutest pictures ever. They truly are great and the girls are soooo cute! It's a bummer Allie wasn't feeling well.

Sarah said...

I love all these pictures Sarah! I came across a pin on pinterest this week that i would have never thought about. On your next trip instead of the autograph book, maybe take a photo mat... Knowing Disney maybe they have rules about those. :) Keep the pictures coming!!

Jennifer said...

I LOOOOOOVE the couch picture that is TOOO cute!!! Thanks for sharing your Disney adventure....I can't wait to read more

Heather said...

I'm really, really enjoying all of your Disney stories and photos (though I'm so sorry you had a sick little one on the trip). We're trying to figure out when to try Disney for the first time, but it seems so overwhelming! Maybe next year, but hopefully definitely the year after next. I know I'll be coming back to your blog for tips! :)

Stacey L. said...

Such cute pics of the girls! Poor Allie, that would have broken my heart when she said she couldn't go.

Elizabeth said...

Their little outfits are so so cute! Great work! I know that was a lot of work!
The pictures are beautiful, as always! Anna looks so happy in the pictures with Emily. So sad that Allie was sick. :(

Cindy said...

Cutest pictures ever. I love when kids pose themselves because you capture such personality. Poor, poor Allie. My heart aches for her. So glad you figured it out though. Despite the hellish sickness, looks like a really great time.

Kate said...

The rules that lifeguards have to follow in order for the pool to be insured have gotten a lot stricter lately. At our pools the lifeguards have to follow exactly the same guidelines for the kiddie pools as for the adult pools (including walking the perimeter of the pool every hour).

I was talking to one of the guards this summer and he said that it's really backfired safety wise because now some parents feel like they can leave their kids alone in the kiddie pool while they go get food or go to the bathroom (the signs say not to leave your kid unattended but if there are a bunch of kids and parents you can't tell who is watching who). He told me that he'd never had to rescue anyone from the big pool but he'd had 2 rescues in the kiddie pool that summer including one little baby about 6 months old who was floating in one of those seats and tipped over while the mom was in the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

That picture of Allie sleeping is so ridiculously sweet but I feel so bad for her. Poor little girl. :(

Kendall Hoover said...

I just found you today and I can't believe you had triplets without even trying. Yours is the third such set I've heard of in the last 6 months,and I thought that could never happen. I have to say, I am super scared now that I'm going to have triplets next! You seem to have complete control of it but I seriously don't think I'd have enough concentration to cover three babies at the same time. You must be some kind of saint! Your little ones are so so so adorable, though. I'll be back!

Sarah said...

Thank you for the comments.

Sarah - I'll have to check out the photo mat idea.

Kate - that is so scary. I want to say that i can't believe someone would leave a baby in a pool alone. How terrible.

Welcome, Kendall! - I'm not a saint and definitely have my moments. I don't know any different - I just do the best I can.

Anonymous said...
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Sarah said...
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