Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lake Winnipesaukee

The day after the 4th of July, we drove up to Lake Winnipesaukee for a day trip to visit Rich's mom, who was vacationing for the week at a cottage belonging to Rich's sister.  This was partly why we didn't plan any big outings for the 4th.  I guess we weren't really thinking when we planned a day trip instead of an overnight trip.  It took us three hours to drive up there and another 3 hours to drive home.  Before kids, that wouldn't have been such a big deal but now it sort of is.

Emily fell asleep about 20 minutes into the drive home.  When I asked her if she could stay awake, she told me that her eyes wouldn't stay open.  We stopped shortly after that for some food for the road and she did wake up.  They all stayed awake for the remainder of the ride home.  All we have for electronics right now is a portable DVD player that we set up between the two front seats.  The girls were entertained watching movies and fell asleep shortly after we got them to bed.  Rich and I were exhausted but it was well worth it.    

Car-drive-by photography



Cottage under tall pines




It's about a 5 minute walk to the beach (if you don't have kids and a ton of crap to carry.)  We drove it.












Allie continued to amaze/surprise us with her underwater dunking.








Identical triplet guide:

Allie - blue and white with pink trim
Anna - pink bows
Emily - blue design


Maydelin said...

so gorgeous girls!!

Michelle said...

We use to go there every Summer for vacation. LOVED it!

Cindy said...

that looks like a fabulous day trip. What a beautiful spot.

studiokoontz said...

New follower here! I love the photos of your daughters...must be so fun for them to be able to hang out together. It's like you're living with your best friends!

Jilly said...

It's been awhile since you've pointed out who is who! Weirdly enough, I could never tell Allie and Emily apart unless you specified, til I went back and read some of your archived stuff. Somehow seeing them as babies/toddlers made it easy to tell them all apart now.

Anonymous said...

I love Emily's bathing suit!!

kdliberty said...

My Great-Uncle owns a water access only cabin there. You have made me miss him! I loved going to lake as a child.

CJ said...

I LOVE THE EAST COAST!! You make me want to live there for a couple of years!! :)

Sarah said...

Thank you! There are some really beautiful areas in this part of the country.

Jilly - it's funny how they still have the same faces they did as babies, isn't it? They do look so much alike but there are some differences.

Claire said...

Hi I am new to your blog but felt I just had to leave a comment. These photographs are beautiful they have captured what looks to have been a fun day. Thankyou for sharing . Claire