Sunday, June 10, 2012

Redefining tired

The girls have been up and awake before 6:00 for the past three days.  Well, at least one of them has, which means that I have.  Rich did tell me to take a nap yesterday morning - I was able to sleep for a little over an hour before we had to leave the house.  Rich and I had a late night last night - a wedding.  Without the nap, I wouldn't have survived.

The Mommy Do It Child of the Week award goes to Allie.  I believe that she was/is in desperate need of alone time with me.  (Who isn't?)  When we finally made it home today (after 4:00), she asked if I would join her outside and I heard her mumble something about her bike.  I wanted to grab the clothes out of the dryer that I had forgotten about 15 other times and told her to go out with Daddy and I would be out in a few minutes.  While I was upstairs putting the clothes away, she came up and was kind of sulking around.   I couldn't really figure out why.  Going outside with Daddy and me joining them a little later is usually no big deal.

We made it outside a few minutes later.  Turns out she had this plan in her mind for just the two of us to journey down our street together.  And we did.  She was on her bike and I walked.  It was nice.  Just the two of us.  When you have three kids, you don't have many moments like these.

We turned the corner to our house and there was Em on her bike and Anna walking with Daddy.  When they reached us, Anna started crying hysterically.  "But I wanted you to help me get outside."

You win some.  You lose some.

The other night as I was tucking Allie into bed, she asked if I had to work the next day.  Yes.

"But Mommy, you're not home enough.  Mommies are supposed to be home more."

So, yeah, that really tugged at the heart strings.

And then she added, "And you can have a baby boy and Daddy will have to take care of him and he'll go WAAAAH  WAAAAAH!"

(I'm still not sure if the baby or Daddy would be the one going WAAAAH WAAAAAAH.)


I just wanted to post a quick thank you to those of you who leave comments, write emails and vote for me on TBB.  I do read all of your comments but sometimes it's so much later, I don't respond because I feel like I've missed the boat (so to speak.)  I do appreciate each and every one.  Well, not the snarky ones or the spam.  I've been slacking off in reading and responding to emails too.  It's so easy for me to lose track of time these days and I'm not always connected like so many other bloggers seem to be.  We still don't have smart phones. Although, after following complete strangers (and winging it) to the wedding reception last night, that may change.

In my post with beach photos, someone asked about Em's yellow bathing suit.  I feel bad that I never responded.  It's from Gymboree but it's pretty old by now.  I think I bought it 2 years ago at the outlet store, which means that it was out in the regular stores 3 years ago.  Anna's stinking cute zebra bathing suit is from OshKosh - their suits are fully lined and seem to be of good quality.    


Michelle said...

Sarah for some reason my youngest is up without fail at 5:30. It is killing me!!! My 4th baby is due in 3 weeks. If Aidan is still waking at 5:30 not sure what I will do!!

Sarah said...

Michelle - my girls go thru phases. They had been "sleeping in" at least one day on the weekend. I hope Aidan turns into a late sleeping phase soon. I can't believe you are due in 3 weeks!!

Debbie Hein said...

I think we all understand why you may not have the time to respond to comments. I am happy when you do, but not at all upset when you can't. Seriously, I am amazed that you have the strength to blog at all with your schedule. But, I am awfully happy that you do, since I enjoy reading it so much. Have a great week.

Jessica said...

I feel for you! My daughter (4 months) is still in the fall asleep at 7, wake up at 3 am, and wake up for the day at 7am! I can't even imagine 3 girls to trade off with! Your supermom for sure!

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure it would be your hub going waaah waaaah.