Friday, June 15, 2012

And that's the weekend.

My day off from work last week was Friday.  So technically I had a three day weekend but it certainly didn't feel like three days.  More like one.  Sunday night, I asked Rich if it was really over.  It was.

Friday was full of laundry, lunch at Dairy Queen with the girls and I painted my nails - toes and fingers.  I pulled out my foot tubby (as the girls call it) from the back of the closet for my biannual pedicure.  Well, the girls decided that they wanted to soak their feet too.  Ewwww.  I told them to scram.  It wasn't family foot spa time.  Rich went out for a run while I was "relaxing" and the girls decided to take matters into their own hands.  They dumped toys, pencils and crayons from plastic containers in the playroom and filled them with water.  I refused to leave my spot on the couch but I did keep an eye on them.

Rich walked in the door and was like, "What the?"

We brought the girls to a parade Saturday morning.


They spent about 10 minutes like this


because of all the fire trucks.

Rich and I attended a family wedding later that evening.  I handed my camera over to Grammy for some family photos before we left but I messed up most of them with some really odd squinting.




Up next - coverage of the girls' BIG gymnastics show. 


Sophie Slim said...

You look lovely! :)

Sprinkles said...

A little awkward posing there at the end, true - but your hair looks fabulous!

JEN said...

Beautiful couple!

B. said...

You look lovely! And the LBD is a classic.

Sarah said...

Thank you!!!

Rachel W. said...

GREAT looking couple!