Thursday, May 31, 2012


- I spent half of the other night sleeping with Anna in her room.  Emily came in at some point because she couldn't find LL in her bed.  I found him wedged between the headboard and the mattress, tucked her back in and returned to Anna's bed.  Em returned a few minutes later because she wanted me to sleep with her.  Please hold while I clone myself.  I told her to go climb into my bed and I would join her later.

I woke up shortly before 6 that morning and returned to my room to wait for the alarm clock to go off.  We have a king size bed now and I smiled when I discovered Rich sleeping almost on the edge of the mattress.  Snuggled up next to him (and apparently pushing him out of the bed) was Emily.  It was so cute and I so badly wanted to photograph it but that surely would have awakened someone.  Please hold while set up the tripod and open the curtains for some light.  At one point, they both had the same arm raised above their heads.

- Two weeks ago I felt like I had made some serious progress with my running.  I ran a little over 2.5 miles one day and then a few days later, I ran just over 3 miles.  Both with decent times - average 10 - 10:30 minute miles.  One night I clocked 18:49 for my 2 mile run.  I was psyching myself up to run a 5K - my first this year.  And then last week happened.  It was a blah week all around especially for running.  I was feeling run down and tired and I've had to adjust my work schedule because this is my busy time.  Arriving home at night a little bit later means that the girls go to bed a little bit later and going out for a run at 7:45 with the sun setting and an empty stomach isn't really working out for me.

I'm trying to accept that this is how it is.  I'm pushing 40 here, I work (almost) full time and I have three 5 year olds.  And I'm not an athlete.  The condition of my midsection has really been bothering me as of late and the only way to repair it is with surgery.  I don't like not being in control so I think I tend to beat myself up with running/working out.  Like if I was running half marathons and lifting weights and back to doing 5000 crunches a week, my problem area wouldn't be so bad.  Right?

I ran 2 miles Monday night - total time was 20:20.  I was going to run last night but my calves were really tight and I had had some bad leg cramps.  I was on the fence.  Should I wait another day?  Grammy and the girls picked me up at the train station and as I approached the van, Grammy called out, "Put your bags up front.  Anna threw up back here and it's everywhere."  Awesome.  So I spent over an hour cleaning the van and her car seat last night.  We didn't even eat until almost 9:00.  The car seat was so bad that I almost just went and bought another one.  It was in the buckles and everywhere that can't just be tossed in the washing machine.

Thankfully, it appears to have been an isolated incident.

And it solved my issue on whether or not to run.

(I did run tonight.  2 miles - 20:04.  Meh.  I'll take it.)

- We were able to successfully transfer Anna's prescription for cath kits to UroMed.  Our new health insurance does not cover 100% of the costs regardless of the provider so we will have to pay approximately $115 a month.  Not really complaining - just stating a fact.  It seems to me that costs continue to increase without reciprocal increases in pay.  For example, train fares are increasing and  starting next month, it will cost me about $275 per month to ride the train.  Parking at the train station is $4 a day.  We avoid that little expense by having someone drop me off/pick me up or I walk.  I wish I could walk it more often but it adds almost another hour to my already 2 hours a day commute.  I bring my lunch to work as often as possible - about 75% of the time.  This requires more time at night/in the morning pulling it together.

I feel like I'm bleeding money.  $6.79 for a gallon of organic milk!



Farah said...

YAY for UroMed! I work there! I am the Marketing/Sales Support Assistant. Did you speak with anyone in particular? Everyone on our Inside Sales & Customer Service teams are absolute dolls. It's crazy because I started following your blog way before I started working at UroMed. Have you guys attended a Walk and Roll for Spina Bifida in your area? UroMed was at the one in Atlanta back in November and it was a lot of fun--very family friendly. They take place all over the country.

Jessica said...

Such a busy mama you are! Your a pro, I have to admit! Good luck with your running, keep it up!

Laura said...

What a week! Poor you.

And I know the feeling of bleeding money.
Have you thought about getting a bike, or even an electric bike to get to and from the station?
I used to walk 45 minutes to school, and now I have a bike it's only 20 minutes!
And I am thinking of getting an electric bike so I can get to my second job (up a BIG hill) without getting lifts from people.

EWO said...

So glad you were able to switch companies. Hopefully this new one will provide everything you guys need correctly and on time.
I so hear you about bleeding money -I recently had to see a bunch of specialists re:my miscarriages and they were all different categories so have separate deductibles - I don't know how we're going to pay these bills. I haven't had a raise in three years, but I'm watching energy, food, and medical expenses skyrocket - WTF. On top of that we have started the process for international adoption - so-long savings account! Adoption is so worth it, but man is it expensive.
BTW, we just got a king bed too - love it!!

Angela said...

Favorite quote for those days you REALLY don't feel like running: "No matter now slow you go, you are still lappng everybody on the couch." :)

Sarah said...

Farah - our contact is Junior. He's been awesome. The walk & roll here in MA is the same weekend as the girls' dance recital so we can't participate this year.

Laura - bikes and I aren't really friends. I flipped over the handlebars of one when I was 10 and knocked a tooth out. I've thought about it but I don't think it would work - I have to wear suits, etc and I bring all my food for the day.

EWO - I wish you luck with your adoption journey.

Anon- so true! I needed to here that.

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