Sunday, May 6, 2012

On being identical and some random things


Last week, the girls had their semi-annual dentist appointment to have their teeth cleaned.  Hearing the words "no sign of decay or cavities" was sweet mommy music to my ears.  As suspected, we were told that there's an 80% chance that all three will need braces.  They have identical teeth but the spacing in their mouths is different.  Poor Anna can't catch a break and has extremely crowded teeth.  Emily, on the other hand, has the better spacing of the three of them.


Emily was called back first so I went with her.  I ended up stuck in a corner and by the time I was able to squeeze out to check in on Allie and Anna, I felt a bit foolish for walking around with my big camera and Speedlight.  It's probably cute the first few appointments but now that the girls are five, I must look like a crazy mother.  I gently and quietly placed the camera in my bag and left it there.

At least I realize that I have a problem.  Those kitty sunglasses are just too cute though...


Back in March during a big sale, I ordered summer sneakers and sandals for the girls from Gymboree.  Because Allie and Em had been wearing size 8 for at least 6 months, I ordered size 9 for them.  Well, the sneakers were huge.  (The sandals are big too, but wearable.)  When we first arrived at Skechers (to buy sneakers that fit because they needed sneakers!), I started grabbing size 8 sneakers off of the shelf for Allie to try on.  A nice woman who works there came over and offered to measure the girls' feet.

Em's left foot measured size 8.5 and her right foot was almost a 9.  Allie's feet measured exactly the same. Anna's feet are much smaller and thinner because she has spina bifida.  Her feet measured almost size 7.5 but she was having trouble keeping the size 7.5 sneakers on her feet because of how wide they were.  We had her try on a size 7 and walk around the store to see if they were too tight.

A few times, the woman commented on the thinness of Anna's feet.  She was merely stating an obvious fact and trying to help us determine which size shoes to purchase but I felt like I had to say something.  But what?  I didn't want to announce that Anna has spina bifida so I said that the muscles in her feet aren't built up.

Rich and I were the only ones that felt uncomfortable and the need to say something. I guess we just didn't want Anna to be singled out.  Again.  I do have to say that the woman at Skechers was awesome.  She told us that if we discovered that Anna's shoes weren't fitting right when we got home, to just bring them back.

Some Random Things

Rich had a chocolate bar in the van and I'm not sure what happened but the girls keep calling it Pershee's chocolate.  "Can I have some Pershee's chocolate?"  "Is there any Pershee's chocolate left?"  It's so funny that I don't want to correct them.

Allie has created this mermaid drama with bath toys for tub time.  It's like watching a movie.  There's a dentist who kidnaps mermaids to keep in his office.  He then gives them to patients as prizes.  Talk about imagination.

Allie decided to say a pray last night at bedtime but in order to say the prayer she had to pull back the shade to her bedroom window and look to the sky.  The prayer started off with, "Dear God, I love you.  Even though you could be a boy."

Those quad moms are fierce.


Anonymous said...

I have to share this post with my friends because of Allie's little statement :)

petitexplosion said...

I cannot wait until the day I get to hear my son say such funny things. For now I settle with his angry kicks to me in the ribs.

Ami said...

Okay, I loved your whole post, but my favorite part was the very last, tiny line. Those quad moms ARE fierce! :) Those McClearys gave us a run for our money last year. :) What's with all the quads in the top 5? Even though I'm happily sittin' in 5th this year, I'll give you my vote just to keep the Triplet Love alive! :)

Olusola said...

LOL! between you moms of super-twins and the quad moms, the twin moms don't stand a chance.

Love your blog. I'm surprised Skechers didn't have narrow "N" sizes. They have for adults, I'd think they should make for kids as wellbut...

mary grace said...

oh my goodness, allie's prayer is the cutest and most hilarious thing ever. love it!!

Multiples Mom said...

Our kids have their first dentist appointment in about a week. Your kids are adorable. Please consider linking up to Multiples Monday which started today. Each Monday blogs about multiples can add a link to a recent of beloved post. I'd love to see you there.
: 0 ) Theresa

erica said...

Your girls are going to love having this blog to look back on someday. "Dear God, I love you even though you might be a boy." Classic!
Cinderella's bath toys are always in turmoil also. Last night a large mouth bass ate one of her fisherman toys. She changed her voice to a creepy one that I'd never heard before and said, "And the body was never found." Eeek!

Julia said...

Looove that prayer, am I crazy if I teach it to my girls? They (still) don`t hate boys though, it probably would not work.