Sunday, April 1, 2012

Why knowing how to sew is important

The girls' dance recital costumes came in last month. And they are on the big side. Big enough that the owner of the dance company said to Grammy, "Do you or your daughter know how to sew?" Why, yes. Yes, we do.


Not to sound all dance mom-ish but a color other than white would probably look better with their hair and skin coloring.


I've decided to wait until a few weeks before the show to attempt alterations because you never know how much they are going to grow. (The girls tried the costumes on just to show me what they looked like and everything was bagged backed up and hung in a closet.) Em's tap shoes are a bit on the tight side and I'm hoping she can make it these last two months without us having to buy the next size up.

We've been told that their hair is to be styled into two french braids for the recital. There was grumbling from the peanut gallery and I told them that if their hair isn't styled, they can't be in the show and if they aren't in the show, we need to return the costumes and if we return the costumes, they won't be able to use them for dress up. That seems to have solved the problem. For now.

[So some type of illness made its appearance last night. All of a sudden, my throat started hurting and I lost half of my voice. Same all day today. Plus, I feel achy and, for lack of a better word, sick. This has probably been brewing for awhile, which explains why I've been so tired. Boo.]


Sarah said...

Cute costumes! We should be receiving our first recital outfit in the coming weeks. I am curious to see how it fits... they didn't do many measurements on the tiny girls.

We are in the same boat with tap shoes, too! I have hesitated to mention anything aloud for fears that I will hear "they are too tight" as soon as I do!

Feel better

Stacey said...

Must be the town. Up and down temps. My whole family, except for me have it, the baby the worst! Feel better! I swear by Zycam.

Got to see Patrick, Molly and the girls this weekend. You are so lucky to have them as your family!!

KimB said...

Adorable! I have 1 girl and 2 boys and you bet I really dressed up that one girl for her ballet classes. I had a blast.

Now she's 7 and has a backbone. Sigh. I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Tinkerbellemommy said...

Super cute! I think our studio is using these same costumes this year too, they look prettier than the catalogue photo! If you need help with alterations, please email me, I've been doing costuming for dancers for 18 years. :).

Wendy said...

Very cute costumes!

Hope you're feeling better...we've taken our turns being sick around here, too, lately.

KatelynMade said...

These are so cute. I remember dance costumes! Brings back so many memories.