Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oh, what a day.

We had an appointment scheduled this morning at 8:30 to meet with Anna's new pediatric GI doctor. Grammy was going to watch Allie and Em here at the house while Rich and I brought Anna into Boston. We were up early (yawn) and on the road a bit past 7:00. After we had been driving on the highway for a few minutes, Rich looked back at Anna and asked her what was wrong. She had allowed Grammy to style her hair into two braids (on the side) and she looked adorable but she had been making a pouty/grumpy face. I thought she was just apprehensive at the thought of another doctor's appointment.

And then I heard it. The unmistakable sound of vomit.

So, yeah, we had to turn around. By the time we pulled into our driveway, it was 7:30 and we needed to clean up Anna and the vomit and switch out car seats and make sure that Grammy had two clean car seats in one vehicle. Rich ended up calling the doctor's office and explaining our situation. There was no way we would be able to make it there by 8:30 and even though we suspected that it was a random car sick incident, you never know. (So, yes, this is why doctors double book.)

Rich then had to drive me to the train station because I had to go to work. By the time I finally sat down at my desk, I was wiped out and it was only 9:10.

I haven't slept well the past two nights because of this cold or whatever it is but the girls have been awesome. We explained to them that Mommy is sick and needs to sleep by herself in her own bed. At one point Sunday night, Anna came charging into our room and shouted, "I want water." Rich shushed her back into her bed and then went downstairs to grab a sippy of water for her. And she was quiet for the remainder of the night.

Last night, Rich ended up sleeping in Allie's bed for a few hours. Em appeared at my bedside and told me that she had a dream (not a bad dream, just a dream) and needed a hug. I gave her one. She asked if it was okay to come in for hugs if she went back to her bed after and I told her yes.

Random stuff time.

One night last week I asked the girls if they had had a good day. Here's Em's response: "Grammy had a terrible day. Just terrible. She spilled her coffee in the van and we were late for dance."

The girls were looking through baby pictures last weekend. Em showed me a picture and said, "My face is terrible. It looks like I'm scared."

It appears that she knows the correct usage of the word terrible.

And applying lotion is fun.




Just the Tip said...

P is obsessed with lotion!
So I guess you had to reschedule the GI appt, then?
Ours isn't scheduled until JULY! But it's M's GI and I LOVE her, so I guess we will wait.

I'm sick too, thought it was a cold but turns out I have allergies and it's making my asthma act up. My head hurts, I can barely talk and breathing is not easy.

Love this time of year! (sarcasm, lol)

Lisa L said...

Your daughters are just precious. I'm a new follower and love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing your family life-it looks exhausting but rewarding.

Jess said...

Haha your girls love to rub things on their feet. Too funny!