Monday, April 23, 2012

And then they turned 5

The girls BIG birthday party was held the weekend after their birthday at the same tire-your-kids-out bounce place where we celebrated their 3rd and 4th birthdays. We did upgrade out of the preschool room, mainly because it was less expensive given the number of kids we invited. I've lost track of the final head count but I think we had 22 kids show up. 

Pre-party photos

Okay, everyone hold hands!



Let's try holding hands again!



It's funny watching the girls interact with other kids at this age.  I witnessed quite a few little friends try to figure out who was who and even ask, "Which one are you?"

The party was fabulous fun, of course.  I didn't take any photos because I was too busy blabbing and enjoying.  There was one minor incident when we couldn't find Anna.  I started to panic thinking that she could have somehow fallen somewhere.  After a few minutes, we located her in a corner at the top of a big slide.  She was too afraid to go down the slide so I climbed up there and slid down with her.  Yeah, I'm definitely getting old.  And then she wanted me to help her with the obstacle course, which wasn't what I expected at all.  I stumbled out of it and said to Rich, "I hurt my knee and I may have pulled a groin muscle."

The girls had their own little birthday cakes this year.  That was not without some drama.  Rich and I waited until the last minute and the girls had specific ideas for these elaborate cakes and not to be mean or anything but no one was even going to see the cakes so I just couldn't spend time or $ on something that was going to have candles stuck in it and then immediately consumed.  We kept the cakes out of sight until the party.  The girls didn't say anything until the ride home and we told them that the bakery must have messed up.












Fake car napping


[If you are thinking of purchasing a Speedlight - I used mine for the candle blowing photos.  The lights were turned off and it was fairly dark in the room.]  


mary grace said...

LOVE that last shot of em blowing out the candles. looks like they had a fantastic birthday!

Jessica said...

These pictures are amazing! The girls look like they had so much fun!!

Cindy said...

so much fun - glad you enjoyed the party. the girls are too cute with "holding hands". there's always one prankster, isn't there ;)

Rachel W. said...

Holy crap - Allie looks JUST like you in that first picture of her with the cake. Wow. Looks like a fun party! (if you are five :0 )

Anonymous said...

this post makes me want a speedlight and CAKE so badly! happy birthday girls!

Souza Sisters said...

I agree with Rachel about Allie looking like you!! Your girls are so precious! And now I want to buy a speedlight!

KC Squared said...

I've been a blog follower-from-afar of yours for a bit! I love the pictures of your girls from their birthday. It looks like they had a great time. Your photos are beautiful!

Hope's Mama said...

Beautiful, Sarah.