Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What's a successful museum visit to you?

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we brought the girls to the Children's Museum for our annual visit. My kids tend to be quiet and reserved - sometimes it's hard for me to realize that they are enjoying themselves even if they aren't running around hootin' and hollerin'.

This was the weekend of my never-ending headache and I felt so sick that morning. We always plan to arrive right when they open - in this case, at 9:00 AM. We ended up parking the van around 9:25 and then I had to cath Anna, which took another 10 minutes or so because she insisted on dressing and putting her shoes on by herself. I know, I know. I get it.

The girls played with the air tunnel things first and then I ran to the bathroom while Rich brought them to the water room. I was gone for less than 5 minutes. When I walked in the water room, they were hesitantly hovering over one of the water areas.

Wait! Where are you going?


Stop talking to Daddy and play!


Okay. I wouldn't want to wear one of those plastic things either.


I think they were just a bit too old for it. I did find a water slide for balls thing that they played with for a few happy minutes.


We checked out all the areas on the first floor before heading upstairs.


And then Allie almost wandered off. Not on purpose. She was walking along following a pair of jeans, thinking it was Daddy. Thankfully, I witnessed it. I was calling out her name but she either didn't hear me or didn't understand why I was saying her name. She was reaching up to hold this guy's hand when I yelled out, "Alicenne, that's not your father." She was horrified, terrified, embarrassed and crying. I felt so bad.

I didn't yell at her at all but I did remind her that if she hears me say her name, she should respond. And then I realized that she hadn't heard me say anything until I had actually yelled. (Well, it wasn't really yelling - more like talking in a loud voice.) There are so many kids running around and so much going on. She was really shaken and didn't snap out of it until the end of our visit.


Not to overload with tractor photos but you can see how Allie wants to smile but is still a little freaked out.





The craft room was a hit.



Love their style.


Note - the girls normally have some darkness around their eyes. Bad genetics. But in these photos, Em does have a bit of a black eye from being whacked in the face thanks to a sister.


B. said...

I love your girls colourful style and mix of patterns. They always look adorable.

Cindy said...

Great style indeed. I love Allie's skirt, especially.

I can totally relate to Allie's wandering off with someone thinking it was her dad and just how freaked out she was. Many moons ago when I was your girls' age my parents took us to the circus. I don't remember the circus at all, but I certainly remember walking through the hay strewn field back to the car. I was holding my mom's hand and rubbing my head on her nice, soft arm hair and then I heard my mom calling my name from behind me and I realized it WASN'T MY MOM that I was loving up. OMG I was terrified, embarrassed, scared, and totally freaked out. I am 38 and I still remember it. At least I can laugh about that now, but let me tell you, I am a wanderer, still, to this day. My poor husband is always losing me :)

Becca said...

That has happened to most children, I think. Or at least, it happened to me. Following someone who looked like a parent but was really a stranger. On a better note, love love the styles! Love the pictures too! I cant wait until our little girl arrives and we can take her on trips like this!

Katlyn said...

I absolutely love their style - I think they are so going to enjoy looking back at these photos when they are older and smile at the fun outfits they wore. I can't believe how much older they look - my twins are about to turn 4 and I am wanting to freeze time to keep them little :)