Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A teeny tiny baby & what to wear grocery shopping

We are currently experiencing a baby explosion in our family. My newest niece on my side of the family was born at the beginning of December. Since then, we have added baby twin girls on Rich's side. My girls have a billion cousins and they love it.

So, yes, these pictures are approximately five weeks old but I still wanted to post them because who doesn't love pictures of a sweet two day old baby?




Baby sister with big sister.


On the way home from our visit, we stopped at the grocery store. I tried so hard to take a good picture of Emily's outfit but I think she knew what I was up to. Plus, people were giving us the side eye because who walks around a grocery store taking pictures of their kids with a DSLR.


*Pajamas layered under a Minnie Mouse Halloween costume and red boots.


Hope's Mama said...

How sweet.

VivalaVida said...

What a cute baby! And your girls are so adorable!!