Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mommy Week: Flying solo

Do you ever feel like your brain is fuzzy and everything is moving in slooooow moooootiiiioooon? That's sort of how I feel about these posts regarding my week at home. I feel like I have been writing about it for a week already and I'm sure what I'm writing is boring to some but this is my life. Lately, I feel like I have something to say but I can't find the right words. Not to go off on a tangent but I blog for a few different reasons but the main reason is to have a detailed journal of our life.

Let me try to form a coherent thought now.

I know that the grass is always greener on the other side. Right? Usually after a week's vacation, I'll grumble how going back to work sucks but I'll willingly do so because it's my routine. Because it's something I know that I have to do. (And sometimes because eating lunch in peace and quiet is nice.) But I've been doing a lot of soul searching as of late and my week at home was extremely peaceful. Yes, there was the typical chaos that is attached to 4 year old triplets but I was calm (for the most part) and I didn't miss the other stress in my life.

Rich had a final exam a mere three days before Christmas Eve. (Talk about cruel and unusual punishment.) Because he had to leave early to drive into Boston (so that he could drive to school after work to take the exam), I wasn't able to shower before taking the girls to school. I really didn't even care either.

Wednesday was Pajama Day at the girls' school. Anna refused to be photographed and Allie told me that she was making the same face as the Grinch in this photo.





After dropping the girls off at school, I raced home to shower and continue with the never ending laundry. I had just about given up my BIG plans for cleaning, purging and organizing by this point and I simply wanted to stay on top of the day to day cleaning. Before I knew it, I had to leave to pick the girls up from school.

After many, many, MANY years of having to dress appropriately and conservatively for work, I was more than happy to throw on WHATEVER for clothing. I seriously just wanted to be comfortable and warm. Now, maybe if I was at home all the time, I would eventually have a different view and opt to wear cute outfits (here and there). (Especially if I was nominated for What Not To Wear.) I'm calling out the fashion mommy bloggers right now. There is no way that you wear wedge heels, a skirt, tights and a dry clean only shirt on a regular basis. Maybe you wore it for those pictures. Or maybe it is different if you just have one baby. But I'm not buying it. Maybe I'm just a grumpy old (unfashionable) lady.

So Wednesday afternoon was filled with dance parties and fashion shows.



I find it amazing that of all of their characters and figures, the girls used a Barbie doll for the fashion model. And Allie had her walking the cat walk singing, "Do you feel like a rock star?" WHAT?

And then we made a trip to the library so that we wouldn't have overdue items. We ended up staying for an hour. There was hardly anyone there so the girls picked out books and we camped out on the couch reading. Unfortunately, my children have tasted the sweet and salty sin of fast food and request it for meals on occasion. They had asked earlier in the week and I had nonchalantly brushed it off with a "maybe we'll go later in the week." Yeah, well, these kids don't forget anything. (And I, myself, really enjoy those sweet and salty fries. On occasion.) *
Because Rich was taking his exam, I bathed the girls and went through the bed time routine solo. And then watched House Hunters.

What I didn't expect was the day (and week) to fly by as quickly as it did.

[* Disclaimer - Rich and I try to eat healthy. The girls do eat fruits and vegetables and we encourage them to try new foods, which they do.]


Stacey said...

Ok, to respond, I only have two (almost 3 and 10mos) and stay at home and I don not dress nicely unless I have too! You are right, jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt are the staples, if your lucky! Makes it Also, with my son, he is always asking for fast food (Wendy's specifally, must be our town!), we get it, and he NEVER eats it! Just wants the toy!! But that makes two salty sinful meals for me! Yuck, but oh so yummy!

Nadine said...

Love how honest you are in your blog! Keeping it real :)
I'm not buying these cute, dressed up moms either, whenever I get the chance to dress comfortable (like on the weekends), I'll take the opportunity. If I was a stay at home mom, I'll probably wouldn't get out of my PJ's ever...hehe.

Alicia Stucky said...

Lol, I like reading those fashion blogs because it’s like getting a glimpse into a fantasy world -- women with one, like four month old baby preaching about how EASY it is to look great and be a mom… it’s cute, really. :-P

I’m young for a mom of three (25), so I really try to put effort into not getting stuck in the rut of going to the grocery store in my pajamas YET, lol, but secretly, during the winter I am in my pajamas from sun-up to sun-down at least twice a week. That way it’s like a nice treat to put on something kind of cute to go out in for story-time and a trip to the supermarket. My downfall is when someone drops by unexpectedly in the middle of the day and I look like a train hit me and I’m still wearing slippers at three in the afternoon… otherwise I’d probably have outsiders thinking I wear cute flats around my kitchen all day. :-) It's all a facade...

(Side note: those pajamas are SO adorable!)

JEN said...

My 3.5 year old gets wildly excited for pajama day at school. I don't wear anything I have to iron which unfortunately makes me look less professional. Oh well.

Cindy said...

First of all - this line, "Let me try to form a coherent thought now" made me laugh so hard because I haven't had one of those in years :)

When you work outside of the house, and you get a week of to spend with your kids, it's wonderful. I also find that by the end of the week I'm SO ready to go back to work because it's SO quiet there. And I like my lunch break.

And as for the cute dressed up moms - I didn't believe in them until I reconnected with an old friend. She is a really nice dresser and always has her hair, makeup AND nails done. What???? And yes, she only has one child and when I only had one child I did get made up in the morning too, but not 100% like that. Seems like it's a priority thing.

Love the pictures. I was wondering the other day if you had "assigned seating" in the car, but I can see from the pictures then and today that no - it seems the girls switch it up.

Tina said...

Well geez, the girls had pajama day so why not Mommy too?!!? Don't the teachers bring the girls out to the car when you pick them up? Why get dressed at all?! ;)

Momma Chantal said...

I stay home with my little ones and if I am home, I'm in sweats. I moan and groan when I have to wear a bra and not just a cami! I do kind of wish I had an excuse to get cute clothes, like needing clothes for work, but I love that I can wear the same clothes 2 or 3 days at home and cut down on laundry!! :)