Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Disney on Ice

I fully admit to being a snob when it comes to seating at events. I've been to approximately 100 concerts and it is my professional opinion that your experience at an event (concert, show or what have you) is dependent (in part) upon where you sit. When you are in the back, you are at an event but when you are up front, you feel like you are part of the show. Yes, it can be an expensive habit but fortunately, about half of those concerts were general admission and I have received free tickets from friends who work in the industry.

When I brought the girls to Disney on Ice back in October, my sister-in-law was able to purchase tickets through a pre-sale and we had really good seats about 7 rows from the ice. (I'm too lazy to go find my post about the show to see exactly where our seats where.) So, anyway, this time around, Rich was purchasing the tickets and I requested that he find seats that were close. We didn't need the crazy expensive tickets but I wanted good seats.

Our seats were not only super close but we were in a box (think hockey) so the rows in front of us were stepped down and we had a ton of leg room.



The show definitely held the girls captive. It's funny because they were so into taking it all in that they appeared to be almost without emotion. During intermission, I told them that the show wasn't very good and that we should leave. That little joke was met with a round of "NO! It's good. We want to stay." I did tell them that I was teasing.






I wasn't there to photograph the show but I did snap off a few pictures. Here's one...


For outings like these, I usually just pack my camera with my 35mm lens attached in a tote bag with a long strap that can go across my body. I try to keep a shirt or something in there for padding.

So here's a mom's review of the ice show. It's a Disney production so expect the best of the best. There were, however, a few scary scenes like a gigantic sea witch and a massive crocodile, who eats Captain Hook in a semi-nonviolent manner. The girls weren't terrified but they did say that those parts of the show were scary.


Dear Beautiful Boy's Mummy said...

Oh I can't wait to take my little man to see Disney on Ice, I always used to love it as a child.
I think it's so cute that your girls didn't appear to react at all to what they were watching,but then didn't want to go home. They look transfixed.

Amanda M. said...

We went to see a show in March of last year. My daughter (4 at the time) was scared of the Snow White part ~ something about the wicked witch and the 7 dwarfs really bothered her! :)

Jessica said...

Oh how fun! Whenever we go to a show I try to take tons of pictures but, me being a kid at heart with those types of things, I always get captivated with the show and forget!!! Like always, your pictures are amazing!!

Baby Caffe said...

Amazing photos!I hope my daughter will be ready for the show next year.

Baby Parents Blog

Wendy said...

I am hurting for a 35mm so badly! I went to a Disney on Ice show when I was little but we haven't taken M&L. We've taken them to movies, but there hasn't been a live show we could afford to do :S