Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Is this how it begins?


Allie (already bathed and in jammies) to Emily (in the tub with a funky hairstyle): "You look like Justin Bieber."

Grammy: "WHAT? How do you know who Justin Bieber is?"

Allie: "I just do. He was on the valentine card Danielle gave me last year."

Mommy's note: It may seem a bit freaky that she remembers this but a few months ago, the girls pulled out projects, etc. from their school bins in the basement and we revisited their Valentine's Day cards from last year. So her memory was only from a few months ago but I find it freaky that she remembers JUSTIN BIEBER.

Old lady's note: Grammy and I were at the mall food court last night picking up something (not so great) for dinner after Christmas shopping. There was some (slightly obnoxious) music blaring in the background, which I completely ignored because unless it is the Goo Goo Dolls or from 1998 to 2004, it goes in one ear and out the other because I usually don't know what it is. Turns out it was Justin Bieber. Is there a female singing in the song Baby or is that just him? I have no idea but I'm sure I'll be a Justin Bieber/Joey McIntyre next generation expert in the not so distant future.

Two minutes later...

Allie to Emily: "You look like Lady Gaga."


Wendy said...

LOL!!! She's way prettier than the Biebs. Also, we listen to GaGa in the car. It's pretty cool musically and it doesn't really have swearing in it. The girls love Gaga... me, too.

Angela said...

OMG!!!! Protect them from the GaGa!!!! What a terrible role model!

Justin Bieber is actually singing that song. His voice hadn't changed fully at that point. His music...mediocre at best. I am with you on music as far as alternative/rock/pop goes, I'm a '90's/early '00's fan. I hate R&B, rap, hip hop, etc. Blech.


Sarah said...

LOL - what's funny about the Gaga comment is that they have no idea who she is! I think they have just heard the name.

Marika said...

He has a voice that sounds like a girl.. The first time I heard that song, I really though it was a girl.

I love reading to their conversation :)

Cindy said...

You will be a pro at this current day music sooner than you'd hope. I make sure I play music I like in the car so the girls will learn to like it. But, sad to say, my 7 y/o is a Bieber fanatic and so her 3 y/o sisters are too. It's funny to hear the 3 of them singing, "Baby, baby, baby, ooooh". Each one will break out into the song at different times. It's interesting to hear what's rattling around in their little heads :)

Kelli said...

Okay the Lady Gaga comment cracks me up!!