Monday, December 19, 2011

Anna. When she was little.

I have a billion photos to edit and surprise, surprise, I feel as if I am behind with EVERYTHING. This is going to have to be a short one tonight. We still haven't mailed our Christmas cards. {sob}

In 1978, my parents drove from Massachusetts to California (and then back again two weeks later) with me and two of my brothers. (My third brother was not yet born.) I was five years old and my brothers were four and three. I can't remember what outfits I wore to work last week but I can still remember parts of that trip.

Grammy was showing the girls pictures taken on that trip, which included a visit to Disneyland. As Anna was flipping through the photo album later that day, she stopped at these pictures and said to me, "This is me when I was little."

(I want to thank everyone for your comments. There are several that I want to respond to - I just don't want to rush through them.)


Angela said...

Oh my goodness!!!! She does look like you!!


pyjammy pam said...


Wendy said...

aww <3 They look a lot like you, but I think they're a really good blend of you and Rich. You were a really cute kid, Sarah!

JEN said...

wow, she does look like you. Except I think they may have your husband's eyes.

Jayme said...

Clones! So cute!

Ami said...

Wow! It's always so cool to see comparisons of kids and their parents. She DOES look like you!! :)

GAMZu said...

I guess I could see her in you... but I think it's more that she's a little girl with blond hair, just like you in this photo. All three of them look a lot like your husband!
Post a photo of him as a kid. :)

KimB said...

I think Rich wins out here slightly, although yes, they do have some of their mom in them!