Friday, November 18, 2011

Things we can't do

I've been meaning to post this for 9 months or so now. One of our Richard Scarry books had been hidden away in the basement with the toys and books on rotation and when it finally appeared, the girls had me laughing at bedtime when we reached Things We Do page. When I read the question, "What's the one thing we can't do?" they responded with:


(Note that I have marked the corresponding letter in red on the book pages.)

A - We can't dig in Daddy's garden.
B - We can't play with sticks.
C - We can't sleep when Grammy is here.
D - We can't run in the house.
E - We can't watch a lot of tv.
F - We can't pull sissies' toys.
G - We can't throw balls in the house.
H - We can't bite.
I - We can't cry.
J - We can't eat standing up.
K - We can't crawl under things.
L - We can't fall down.
M - We can't go up and down the stairs when Grammy is here.


Etosia (e-tasha) said...

Hilarious! I love the things they can't do when Grammy is there! I read and watched Richard Scary as a child and can still remember some of the songs. I just posted how Rylin learned to say butterflies from his "I Am A Bunny" book!

Lily said...

Laughing at the picture for "we can't bite"!