Saturday, October 29, 2011

NYC Part I

Rich and I are supporters of First Candle, which is a non-profit organization with the ultimate goal of eliminating stillbirth and SIDS. The organization hosts a charity gala each year in New York City and Rich thought that it would be a good idea for us to attend this year, which meant an overnight stay away from home. We had considered spending two nights in New York but we didn't want to burden Grammy, who was watching the girls in our absence.

The gala was Thursday evening and so Thursday morning around 9:30, we packed up our car and said one more good-bye to the girls. Emily was very upset when she heard the news and it was so hard seeing her standing at the window crying as we pulled out of the driveway.

I've driven into NYC four times in my life but there has always been a specific reason for my visit and I've never really experienced any of the tourist attractions. Rich and I had planned on squeezing in some sightseeing but of course it was raining. And COLD.


We missed a turn and ended up driving over the Brooklyn Bridge.


With a bit of city traffic, we didn't reach our hotel until almost 2:00 and we had not yet eaten lunch. I was STARVING. After checking in, we took off in search of food and ended up at Adrienne's Pizza Bar.


Yes, it was delicious. Although, I wish we had ordered the pizza that came to the table next to us. Based on their conversations, those folks worked in the area so I assume that they were regular customers. Their pizza had a slice of tomato, mozzarella and basil on top of each piece of pizza. Rich and I double checked the menu and there was no such pizza so they must have known to ask for it.


Our hotel was right near the Hudson River so we attempted to walk over there after lunch. Unfortunately, it started pouring rain, the temperature was maybe 50 degrees and the wind was whipping off of the river. We decided to go back to the hotel and watch television instead.


We stayed at the Andaz Hotel on Wall Street because of the group rate offered through First Candle. By NYC standards, the room was very big and the our rate was almost 50% less than if we had booked without a group rate.


Our check in experience was a bit disappointing. The first room we were sent to had a towel on the bathroom floor along with unidentified stuff on the floor. We had to trek back down to the lobby for another room. We were told that the sink had been leaking and apparently fixed. Also, when we checked in, we were told that there was a table of complimentary snacks in the lobby. While we waited for our second room, I checked out the complimentary snacks. Oranges and pears. I was starving and not impressed.



Rich and I renamed the hotel The Full Disclosure. For a married couple, it was fine but do you see the bathtub in the above picture. There was a room with a shower and a tub and clear glass doors and windows. So no privacy. There really was no bathroom. The sink area was out in the open and the toilet closet had a frosted glass swinging door.

When I was in college, I imagined myself living in a loft with modern furnishings in the city. Seventeen years later, I was able to experience that and it's not me. I like my quiet street in the suburbs.

**To be continued.**

Rich decided to watch The Fighter and I've been completely distracted. Did I ever tell you that my friend, Jen, and I met Mark Wahlberg a looooong time ago in a book store?


London Mama said...

I've not been to NYC but even though your post is about the rain I still want to go! Just to be able to drive over Brooklyn bridge and eat yummy pizza! I agree about 'The Full Disclosure' I can never understand why posh hotels do that.

Erin said...

i'm sorry about your hotel experience! i have been to nyc many times (live 90 minutes away) and have stayed over at about 5 different hotels throughout the years. one of the best places i have stayed at is the new yorker hotel. right at 34th and 6th ave i believe. beautiful and rthey are so kind there. it is a bit pricey about $300 a night (then again, you can't find anything decent priced in nyc) but i totally recommend it if you ever go again!

Alice said...

mmm i think i might go order some pizza...

Wendy said...

I believe they ordered a margherita pizza....that's my favorite!

Angela said...

That is a margherita pizza! I LOVE it! Very light, but very filling and delicious!


Sarah said...

They don't make margherita pizza like that around here! Thanks for filling me in.

Sarah said...

Oh - Erin - thanks for tip on the hotel!