Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Medical updates


Allie has most definitely improved from one week ago. Her cough and runny nose are basically gone. She has used the inhaler, which was an exciting experience for sissies. Emily was constantly asking us when Allie was going to "use her mask."


(Please note that this photo was taken after the fact to show Allie what she looked like.)

When I arrived home from work last Thursday night to a plethora of medicine and equipment on the kitchen counter, I asked Grammy what instructions she was given with respect to Allie using the inhaler. Emily was standing there and chimed in, "She puts it on her face and then you puff it and then she takes two breaths." Emily loves to play doctor so she was very interested in this new mask.


Anna had a snotty nose Friday night that continued throughout the weekend. She was acting and eating like she normally does so I simply wrote it off as that time of the year. During the day on Monday, her eyes became all red and gunky. Emily, of course, was asking if Anna had pink eye. We still had some eye drops from the eye incident(s) six months ago so I gave her two in each eye that night.

Her left eye was glued shut on Tuesday morning but during the day, all went back to normal. She's still snotty and now grumpy because she was awake for about an hour in the middle of the night last night. I was hoping that she didn't have pink eye especially after Allie stuck her finger in the gunk in Anna's eye. Awesome.


So I'm fairly positive that I broke a toe (or a bone in my toe) back in September. I was shopping with all three girls at Jo-Ann and Allie pushed the cart into my foot. I was wearing flip flops and I remember some pain but nothing like when I broke a little toe ten years ago. I didn't think much of it until I couldn't walk around barefoot without that toe hurting and/or feeling loose. That's the best word I can come up with to describe it.

It is finally feeling better this week. My excuses for not running keep piling up and potential broken toe was added to the list. I need some energy.

My sewing machine

Grammy cleaned it out for me on Monday and my tension issues have resolved. The zig zag stitch once again looks zig zag instead of crazed.

(Oh, yeah. Disclaimer. If you steal the picture of my daughter pretending to use her inhaler, I will find out about it.)


Melissa said...

We just got an inhaler for the girls on Monday since nothing else seems to help their never ending coughs. Of course, now they have Croup, so that is another fun thing to add to the list.

Hope everyone is back to normal in your house soon.

Tracy said...

Oh no.. no fun at your house... poor thing. I'm suppose to take the kids in this morning at 8:30 for flu shots/mist but Cody woke up at 6:00 with fever so not sure if he will get dosed or not... the triplets aren't up yet... hopefully they aren't all sick.

Curious if you've had problems with photos getting stolen with the recent disclaimers. Thats horrible!

Merks said...

Over a year ago I tripped over a bag of diapers and the bag wrapped around my toe (because of course I wasn't wearing socks or shoes) and I heard a loud pop. After multiple x-rays and consultations I was told that I had turf toe and that it may always hurt. The doc also took a look at my x-ray and informed me that based on my bones he could tell I was entering middle age (I'm 30). And it still does. I can hit it or bend it *just* right and BAM pain pain pain. I hope yours heals soon!

Courtney said...

Glad she is feeling better. Seems like so many kiddos are struggling this time of year…a lot of breathing treatments happening to our babes.

Jessica said...

Oh no, not too good at uour house. Hope everything clears up soon! Your so funny how you talk about the pink eye incident!

Sarah said...

Oh no, Melissa! I hope they are feeling better.

Tracy - I hope everyone stays healthy! It is so hard trying to schedule those appts this time of the year. Yes, someone took some pictures and cropped the watermark. Based on what she was writing, etc - I think it was someone fairly young.

Merks - Middle age - I know! I feel like this is the beginning of the end.