Sunday, September 25, 2011

First position

As I mentioned in a previous post, the girls are enrolled in a tap/ballet class that meets once a week. I'm admitting that I am really excited because I always wanted to take dance classes but, for whatever reason, never asked. Life was different back in the '70s, I suppose.

Although it was as a result of Baby Chick's illness, I am happy that I was able to attend their first class. I know that they are only four years old but if I am paying good money, I want them to actually be learning something, not just dancing around. They can dance around at home. This dance school has a parent room with a window so that we can peer in on the class. The other side of the window is a mirror so that the kids can't see the parents. No unnecessary distractions.

I was pleasantly surprised with how intense their class was. It was fast paced, organized and covered many, many different steps. There were some fun, just dance around moments, too, because after all, they are only four years old.

Before class started, one of the other moms stepped into the studio and snapped a picture of her daughter. I did the same, except that I had the big, bad boy camera stashed away in my bag.


(Look at the mirror on the far wall. I love how that little girl is looking at us.)

Oh, yeah. My three children account for half of the class size.

At the end of their class, the instructor chose Allie to be the line leader. Basically, the line leader just skips around the room and the other children follow her. Well, Anna was at the end of the line and she was trying so hard to keep up with the other girls. She would cut corners whenever she could to keep up with the other girls.

I had spend some of the class talking to the other mothers and thought that they were all really nice. One of them made a comment about Anna. It wasn't a negative comment. More along the lines of her cuteness. That's when I told them that Anna has spina bifida. I told them how we thought that she wouldn't be able to walk on her own, never mind participate in a dance class. They were in shock and awe. They seemed to 'get it.'

I turned back to the window/mirror to watch Anna skip along with the biggest smile on her little face as she watched her reflection in the wall of mirrors.


Kari said...

Like, like, like! I enjoy each and everyone of your posts, AND I love your girls!!

Tracy said...

I wish you would come to my town and document some of our activities. I can get the portraits, but the lifestyle shots just seem to elude me. This is awesome!

JEN said...

I put my 3 year old in gymnastics and now in dance. She liked gymnastics but LOVES dance. How cute is it to watch all the little girls in their costumes run around?

I took wanted to take dance in the 1970's but it was just too expensive.

Wendy said...

aww <3 Sweet Anna