Saturday, September 10, 2011

The ferris wheel

I wish I could say that I am dragging out the vacation posts but unfortunately, blogging time has been extremely limited. Both Rich and the girls started back to class this week, I have been very busy at work (those of you in the tax world understand 9/15), my body has been fighting off some ailment (or dealing with exhaustion) and internet connections on the train have been blah. I carved out my ferris wheel photos because I felt that they deserved their own post.


Being a mother of three young children and a photographer can be difficult. There are times when I simply cannot play both roles at once. I either do not have a free hand (literally) or the time. For example, there were several occasions on our drive to Santa's Village when I wanted to say to Rich, "Pull over! I want to take some pictures." But I didn't because I wanted to keep the grumblings in the back to a minimum.


Because Santa's Village is not overly spacious, we took the approach of returning to the van in order to cath Anna instead of using the bathrooms. The bathrooms were clean and they did have family bathrooms but I have found that cathing her on one of those baby changing stations is less than ideal. After lunch, Rich and Anna returned to the van while Grammy, Allie, Emily and I walked around a certain area. There was enough time for a ride on the ferris wheel.


I am not one to say that I'm afraid of heights but there is something a bit unnerving about ferris wheels. I hadn't been on one in years so I had forgotten that little fear. I tried to brush off the panic by taking pictures. Although Emily was in the seat next to me so I had to keep an eye and hand on her. She was very well behaved though. There is no monkey business.

The views were amazing.




I don't own a point and shoot camera or an iPhone so if I plan to take photos, I need to bring my Nikon D7000 with me. Because of my back problems, I have been limiting myself to one lens for long outings. For Santa's Village and Story Land, I used my Nikon 35mm, f/1.8 lens. I also don't carry my camera bag if I don't have more than one lens with me. In the picture of me with the girls in my last post, you can sort of see my bag. I pad it with a sweater or hoodie to keep the camera safe.


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Alice said...

gorgeous photos. ferris wheels freak me out a little too. just something about not being completely strapped in....

Tracy said...

I get the heebee geebees just looking at the photos. I DON"T DO HEIGHTS!!!!! You brave girl!!

Souza Sisters said...

AMAZING photos!! I think I take for granted just how beautiful the northeast (we live in Maine) is.