Friday, September 16, 2011

The evening commute and Emily

I have slowly been working on a post detailing our Labor Day weekend beach visit, which unfortunately may have been our last for this year. The train that Rich and I were riding on this evening was involved in a fatality so we arrived home almost two hours later than we were scheduled to. The girls were still awake and the nighttime crazies took over. I just don't have the energy to finish my beach post. Hopefully, tomorrow.

A happy note for today is that Emily is doing much better. Her illness was mainly a three day fever ranging from 99.5 to 102.1 degrees and a tummy ache. She threw up twice on Tuesday morning but I think that was from only having orange juice in her stomach. (Her choice, not mine.) Her pediatrician ran cultures on her throat and urine and both came back negative. Today, she is mainly back to normal but overtired and still recovering.

I spent the past four nights sleeping in her bed with her. Unknown fevers frighten me. Even with (generic) Tylenol, we had trouble keeping her fever down. One night, I had a cool face cloth on her forehead and I could not believe the heat her little body was emitting.

Hoping for a "normal" day tomorrow.


Darby said...

was just wondering..have you ever tried motrin instead of tylenol?? its the only thing that brings my 3 yr olds fevers down, and works every time. Hope shes feeling better :)

Michelle said...

Motrin only works for my Niamh as well. Tylenol never brings down a fever for her. Glad Emily is feeling better!