Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rapunzels make an appearance at the Falmouth Road Race

I finished sewing the second of three Rapunzel dresses the day before the Falmouth Road Race.


As such, Allie insisted on wearing it to cheer on Daddy.


Sometimes princesses eat jelly donuts.


As opposed to prior years, Grammy, the girls and I arrived down in Falmouth very early. Remember the year the girls and I met Rich's sisters approximately five minutes before Rich ran by us? Not this year. We had plenty of time to set up and watch all the runners, including the wheelchair division. The girls were very well behaved and interested in the race. They even loosened up enough to clap.


We are very proud of Rich, who finished the 7.1 mile race in under an hour while raising more than $2,600 for the Spina Bifida Association.


Miss Emily would not join in.


Now, let's talk fashion. Anna's dress was custom made by Grammy using vintage Strawberry Shortcake fabric. Rapunzel dress #1 has been worn and washed several times and has not had any issues. About halfway through the race, Allie was standing in front of me and I noticed that part of the skirt had come undone from the shirt top of the dress (Rapunzel dress #2.)

I still can't figure out what happened but by the time we arrived home, about 1/4 of the skirt was hanging apart from the shirt. I resewed it all twice and washed the dress. It survived the washing so again, I still cannot figure out what happened. I would have been so embarrassed if that dress had been a gift for someone! Oh, the horror!

We stopped on the way home for lunch. I brought Allie to the bathroom at some point during the meal and a woman pushed open the door for us and said, "Let me get that for you, Princess." Oh my goodness, Allie ate up the attention.

Yes, I still need to sew Rapunzel dress #3.


Alice said...

i like how the tops of the dresses are different!

JEN said...

love all the dresses :) WIsh I could sew.

Tracy said...

Dress number 3??? What about 4 and 5??? You know I placed an order for my girls.... hee hee!!!

They are soooooo adorable!!!

Great job to your husband!

Hope's Mama said...

I might have to put in an order as well, now I have my own little lady to dress.
And well done, Rich. Super effort.

Cindy said...

Go Rich - I like the "For Anna" on his shirt. Great Job!
Those dresses are adorable. I love the similar pattern with the unique tops. Reminds me of when I was little and my grandma made me and my 2 sisters dresses. All the same pretty patterns with different styles. As I used to like to say, "We're the same, but different!"

Sprinkles said...

You're almost making me brave enough to try and sew a dress for my god daughter. I'm scared I'll end up sewing my fingers though, so I should probably start off with a pillow or something easy!

Anonymous said...

I just got another "can I meet them?" from my 3 yr old. The dresses are so cute!

Wendy said...

Nice job, Rich!! And, you do need to get on Rapunzel dress #3.. and numbers 4 & 5 (or 6 &7?)... for Molly and Lilly :D Get on that, Sarah. Lord knows you aren't busy or anything.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the compliments on the dresses! I sometimes dream of opening a little boutique of custom clothes. Sprinkles - you can do it! Sewing just takes patience. Katie - that is too cute.

Mommy bear said...

I love the dresses too! I just found out that I am expecting again. I went online and purchased some baby bedding and stuffed animals for my little girl at this cute site called www.babymania.com

Christie said...

Oh my, we are going to Disney in less than two weeks, so I'm looking at your old patterns since I also make my girls dresses. Look at these young little faces! I always get sad/nostalgic when I see old pics of my kids lol.