Friday, August 5, 2011

Four generations, one photo - The good, the bad, the outtakes

Because we don't often see my mamaw, we needed an updated photograph of the four generations together. I do want to note that I didn't dress the girls alike that day. I actually don't dress them anymore and often times, have very little say in what they wear. For the trip, I had packed clothes in three sets. For that day, I had three different shirts and shorts for them to wear. They refused to put them on stating (or whining) that they wanted to wear dresses. Oh, the drama.

I had packed these dresses as back-up and they all grabbed them. The photo shoot was a bit spontaneous so I didn't have a chance to have them wear the cute (unmatching) sundresses I had brought with us. (There isn't anything wrong with dressing multiples alike. I used to do it all the time, mainly out of convenience. I don't do it now because I feel that it draws extra attention to us.)

This was a test shot as I was trying to set the camera for Rich to use. Look at Anna's face. Ha! She apparently was not in a good mood.


So here's a sample of what we ended up with. Squinty eyes, closed eyes, grumpy kids, shy kids and funny faces.






Remember me telling you about my (and Grammy's) quest to find different fabrics and such. Well, I had been surprised at how small the fabric/sewing section was at Walmart. We had spotted a Hobby Lobby, which do not exist in our area, earlier in the week and on Thursday afternoon, Rich watched the girls so that Grammy and I could shop sans munchkins. I did find some cute fabrics, including some Disney prints, which I have been collecting for our next trip.

What I couldn't believe was the price difference in ribbons and such versus the cost here back at home. Before we left on vacation, I purchased a 6 foot roll of jumbo ric rac at Jo-Ann. The price was $6.99 and I used a 40% off (one item only!) coupon so I paid $4.20. The jumbo (although just a tiny bit smaller than that from Jo-Ann) ric rac was priced at $1.99 for a 9 foot roll at Hobby Lobby and then all ribbons and such were 50% off (no coupon needed!) so I only paid $1.00. You better believe that I loaded up my shopping cart with a bunch of cute ribbon.

Speaking of ribbon, I really need to get started on that second Rapunzel dress....

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Melissa said...

I believe most Walmarts have gotten rid of their fabric departments and only sell precuts. I love Hobby Lobby, that is my happy place. Seriously, I can go in for one thing and end up spending an hour walking around looking at everything. It never gets old and luckily, we have one about a mile from my house.

Melissa said...

I LOVE your dress the the pictures!! Can I ask where you got it at? I am always looking for longer modest dresses and that is perfect!!

Hilary@BabyMooHoo said...

i've been following your blog for a month or so, and just wanted to say hi & i love it! these pictures are priceless, i love the expressions on the girls' faces in each one.

on another note: are you from maine? i live in the midcoast and am always desperately seeking other maine bloggers :)

Momma Chantal said...

They just opened a Hobby Lobby in NH and I have been making the journey from Boston because it is totally worth it!

JEN said...

I think the pics are great! If you went to hobby lobby you have to be in canton or downriver. Unfortunately I just had to put a complaint into hobby lobby because I had really bad service when I was theren. They called me the next day!!

Jessica said...

Love the pictures...some of those faces are priceless!

Sarah said...

Melissa - this Walmart didn't have any pre-cuts! I so wish we had a Hobby Lobby near us. Momma Chantal - I'm going to have to check out that drive!

My dress is from the Gap outlet store. I definitely didn't buy it this year though - maybe last year. I'm wear a tank top under it b/c I don't like my boobs to be hanging out.

Hilary - Nope - we are in Mass.

Jen - we were in the Sterling Heights area. I'm not sure exactly where that HB was but close to there. Yeah, the woman working in the sewing area was a bit snippy and unhelpful when I asked a question about some ribbon.

Emily said...

Hobby Lobby is THE BEST! We have a bunch of stores in our area, and EVERYTHING is always 50% off. And if it's not, just wait until next week and it will be. I've never paid full price for anything there. I love it!