Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A few notes on running

Well, my good friend Blogger was out for a bit and I don't have a post set up. I have a lot to post just not enough time. I usually write on the train but between forgetting to charge the battery for my netbook and bad train internet connections, I haven't been productive. Plus, Sex and the City is on right now and I can't stop watching it.

I wanted to talk a little bit about my running. For the first time, I haven't been keeping track of my mileage. I've always been really anal about noting my mileage, running route (if running outside), pace and total time in a running journal. Now, I pace myself while running and leave it at that. Well, I do know how far I've run too.

I don't exactly know why I have now decided to run just to run. Sometimes, I think it's an age thing.

Let's face it. I'm not going to get any faster.

And life is just crazy right now. So I'm trying to not stress out about what I run but be happy that I can maintain some sort of a decent pace.

Alright, this post is not going as planned. I'll be back tomorrow with some cute pictures of the girls.


Marissa said...

my boyfriend runs every single day and he used to be super anal about it too. Like excel spread sheets anal. But then he broke his ankle and stopped keeping track and he just started again and I think that break really helped him. Hes more about enjoying the run than pushing himself. Its good to relax.

Tracy said...

Hey, I give you huge props for running at all. I can't imagine doing that on top of an already over-full day.

You go girl!!!