Friday, August 26, 2011


Baby C of the triplets.

The last one pulled from the warmth of my womb.

I am often asked if Emily is my favorite child. A thought my mind can't entertain. I'm not sure how one would measure those feelings and decide upon a favorite. I have a special bond with each of my girls. Yes, I do tend to baby Emily more because in a way, she is the baby. My last baby.

I am often asked if the girls have different personalities and yes, they do. Allie tends to be the most talkative. She does not like to be interrupted, which is a frequent occurrence in our house, and will stop, hands on hips, and loudly state, "Let me talk!" Anna is our quiet one. She can also be the troublemaker who likes to pick out clothes belonging to a sister and then exclaim with a sly little smile, "Look, Emily. I'm wearing your shirt."

When you give birth to triplets via c-section, stations are set up for each baby in the operating room. The stations for the girls were lined up against the wall parallel to my position on the operating table. The station for Baby A was closest to the door and my feet while Baby C's area was right next to me, which is why Emily was the first baby I met. A nurse snaked past medical equipment and staff and held Emily next to me. She was swaddled up tight and I twisted to kiss her tiny face while wondering how this little beauty who looked nothing like me could be mine.

Emily will tell me that she loves me at the most random and unexpected times. Like in the bathroom at Macaroni Grill in Michigan. She had a bit of a breakdown the other night when she discovered that I would be leaving to go for a run and Daddy would be finishing the bedtime stories. I asked her why she didn't want me to go and through tears, she sniffed out, "Because I love you."

And so this post is entitled Emily because although she often fights the camera, the camera sometimes wins.





Emily has adopted the red boots.




Anna isn't the only one who plays the role of troublemaker.






Aris said...

The one with Minnie sitting on her is gorgeous! Beautiful pics as always.

Hope's Mama said...

What a little sweetheart. And I can't come at the idea of having a favourite child either.

Tracy said...

The other day I watched Sophie's Choice with Meryl Streep. She is only allowed to keep one of her babies as she is sent to a concentration camp and she must make the choice or lose both. One goes to children's camp and one to the gas chamber. I still can't stop thinking about this movie. I was bawling.... I can't imagine having to make a choice like that. I love each of my children differently, but I love them all equally. Heartbreaking!

Alice said...

so cute!

Wendy said...

aw, Em!

Cindy said...

I love learning little bits about the girls individually. Very sweet post.