Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Buddies, animals and chickens

Before I recount the highlights of our Day 3 morning adventures, I want to go back and talk about the girls' lovies, which they refer to as "buddies" or "animals." Allie brought Elmo on the trip with us. That was a given. Along with her soft Rapunzel doll and Pascal. As we were packing up the girls into the van at 4:00 in the morning, Anna grabbed a doll. I knew that Emily was going to want to bring at least Little Lion. As I was packing the day before we left, I noticed that Emily had put something in her little Dora backpack. I assumed that it was just a bunch of small random toys.

Before bed that night, I asked the girls what buddies they wanted to bring, hoping to avoid any confusion in the morning. I asked Em about Little Lion and she replied, "I already packed him." She brought me over to her little Dora backpack where I discovered that she had packed her Minnie, Zebe and Little Lion.

At the end of our zoo visit, the girls asked if they could pick out a stuffed animal. I was okay with that. Rich isn't a huge fan of a million stuffed animals but I wanted them to have a souvenir. They actually could have picked out anything but they wanted stuffed animals. So right off the bat, Allie spots a purple giraffe. (Now named Giraffe-E.) After Allie found her giraffe, Anna grabbed a smallish, soft baby zebra. (Now appropriately named Zebra.)

Emily just could not find something. It was almost like she was looking for something specific. Rich tried to show her the coloring books and she became a bit irate. She then stated that she wanted to look for something outside. We had looked at the items in the outside portion of the gift shop at the beginning of our visit when we were waiting for Rich to rent the wagon. Rich brought Emily outside while I waited inside the gift shop with the A Team. She returned with a small blue elephant on a key chain (which we removed so that he would be snuggly.) He is the same size as Little Lion and his name is Little Elephant.



Wednesday morning we headed over to my uncle and aunt's house for a quick visit. We wanted to see their home and all the work they have done on it. They have two chickens, which provided much entertainment for the girls.





Anna petting the chicken was HUGE! She is the most afraid of animals.

More Michigan adventures tomorrow!

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