Sunday, August 21, 2011

The beach house front porch

The beach house where my parents currently reside was originally built for my great grandmother. Throughout my childhood, it belonged to my Gramma, who lived there year round battling the winter storms long after summer residents had boarded up their homes. Each generation has spent many hours on the wooden, salt stained front porch.

The ocean view has slowly been eaten by the trees and the old cushioned glider was discarded years after my Gramma's passing but the front porch still retains many of its original features. When Rich held the girls up to ring the salt eroded bell, I realized that I had forgotten about it. How could I forget that?


I snatched my camera from its padded bag inside the house and snapped off pictures of what should be so familiar to me.


I hope the girls will one day look at these photos and remember breezy summer days spent with Grammy and Papa and a house that has now seen five generations.









Tracey's Life said...

Those are amazing photos!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love these pics so much - they might be my absolute favourites of yours!

Sarah said...

Thank you!!!

Hope's Mama said...

I love them, too. So natural. And my goodness, the girls look like Rich! I thought it was all you a few weeks back, now I'm not so sure!

Anonymous said...

Love the porch details!!