Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The princesses

(Okay, ignore the poor lighting and dark eyes. As I've mentioned before, my children can sometimes be a bit uncooperative.) Introducing Princess Tiana, Princess Emily, and Rapunzel, the lost princess. Allie actually said that to Rich as he was ushering them out of the house. "I am the lost princess."


This was taken shortly after we arrived at Cousin Jackie's "consolation" party. Love the expressions.

So there has been fighting over the beloved Tangled dress. I need to get on making another one!


Wendy said...

Aw! haha, Rapunzel IS the Lost Princess! Very cute Tiana dress, too. Lilly's a big Tiana fan. They look thrilled to be posing, aaah four year olds <3

Tracy said...

I still want to order two of those Rapunzel dresses... I can't believe you made it!!! Too stinkin' adorable.

melissa said...

Those faces are too funny!

Angela said...

I LOVE Allie's facial expression! I have a feeling you'll see that face later in life...think the teenage years...haha.


VladKellyAnyaB said...

They are so gorgeous - your girls are the same age as my daughter. i love reading your blog and looking at the amazing pictures you capture!